Anita’s Internship [v0.28] By Pigeon Pleasure

Pigeon Pleasure Games released a new game called Anita’s Internship and the version is 0.28. The game’s story is about You playing as Anita. She needs to intern (2 weeks) at a firm and get a letter of recommendation for admission to the university where she dreams of studying. But everything turns out not to be as easy as it always is… Anita has to deal with challenging relationships and people’s quirks. Anita also has to deal with a complicated relationship with her stepfather Kelvin, who, in turn, hid the fact that he had a son. There is also an opportunity to play small puzzle games. (Based on patreons votes for favorite character): There will also be an opportunity, if you want, to meet Robyn for a cup of coffee and listen to her story (First Person Dates with Robyn).​

Developer: Pigeon Pleasure
File Size: 1.16 GB
Version: 0.28
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Day 4 / Episode 4:
1) Scene in the office 1 (done)
2) Scene in the office 2 (done)
3) Scene in the office 3 (done)
4) Scene in the office 4 (done)
5) Scene in the office 5 (done)
6) Scene in the coffee shop (done)
7) Scene in the coffee shop/bathroom (done)
8) Scene in the office 6 (done)
9) Scene in the hospital (done)
10) Scene in the office 7 (done)
11) Lunch with Robyn (done)
12) Scene in the office 8 (done)
13) Scene in the office 9 (done)
14) Scene on the balcony (done)
15) Scene in the office 10 (done)
16) Scene with the “investor” (done)
17) I’ve reworked the mechanics of the “investor” visit scenes a bit. Previously, each day of the visit was a separate scene. Now: each investor visit scene depends on the number of visits before
18) Scene at home 1 (done)
19) Scene at home 2 (done)
20) Scene at home 3 (done)
21) Scene at home 4 (done)
22) Scene at home 5 (done)
23) Scene at home 6 ((done)




Game Images & Screenshots

: – 1.5 GB
Mac: – 1.5 GB
Android: anitas.intern.ship-0.28-release.apk – 370.2 MB


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