Babysitting Cream BetaMix Edition v0.3.4.1 Download Game For Windows PC, macOS

Babysitting Cream BetaMix Edition v0.3.4.1 Download Game For Windows PC, macOS

Babysitting Cream BetaMix Edition v0.3.4.1 Download Game For Windows PC, macOS in a pre-installed game file direct link to the latest updates. Novilon released the game on 17 July 2022 in the adventure franchise category. Now you can download this game’s latest version with all future updates.

Babysitting Cream BetaMix Edition v0.3.4.1 Download Game For Windows PC, macOS
Babysitting Cream BetaMix Edition v0.3.4.1 Download Game For Windows PC, macOS

Game Overview

So you’ve finally done it. You and your friends have saved the world, vanquished evil, brought peace to the land of Mobius, and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, it also means you’ve kind of put yourself out of a job, and… well, it turns out that “Freedom Fighter” didn’t exactly come with full retirement benefits and a 401K pension plan. Sure, you and your fellow Freedom Fighters got a nice statue in your honor — but that and two rings will buy you a chili dog. Who knew?

So, like any sensible hedgehog, you’ve been lining up some side gigs to help make ends meet. This week, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to babysit Vanilla’s daughter Cream for a whole week while Vanilla is out of town on an important business trip. You’ve got the keys to the house, money for expenses, and the promise of a “big reward” from Vanilla when she returns. Until then, it’s just you and a precocious, curious bunny… all alone… for a whole week…

Can you resist the temptation? Will you be a good babysitter, or a bad one? And why are your friends and neighbors suddenly acting so strangely…?

What’s new in v0.3.4.1?


  • More spelling & grammar fixes, as usual.
  • New method of handling saved-game data (thanks to Fivesteaks) which *should* solve the problem of old saves crashing the game. Now, any time you load a saved game, any “new” event flags or scores which didn’t exist in previous game versions should just get initialized to their default values rather than being left un-defined. Note that this *might* occasionally still result in getting yourself into an odd state within the game if a particular flag or stat gets rolled back in an unexpected way, but at least the game *shouldn’t* crash outright anymore.
  • After loading a saved game, you cannot “roll back” from the save point you just loaded. This, too, is to keep old saves from breaking the game by “un-creating” or “un-initializing” the new event flags or scores. (The reasons why that can happen are long and complicated, so let’s just say “Because that’s the way Ren’Py works” and move on. )
  • Removed the “damage control?” menu from the events in the Mochi-Mochi shop since it was kind of pointless.
  • v0.3.4.1 “hotfix” fixes a bug in the new saved-game-reloading mechanism where your rings could get set to “0” when loading a save file.


  • Added some more pop-up “achievement badges” when you acquire various items.
  • Added a few dialogue sprites for some of the conversations in the Mochi-Mochi shop. (More will come once this whole section gets properly rewritten, but it’s a start.)
  • Added event graphics for:
    • Rouge giving Sonic a blowjob in the Mochi-Mochi shop
    • Cream giving Sonic a BJ in the movie theater
    • Sonic and Cream having sex in the movie theater
  • Expanded the threesome between Amy, Cream, and Sonic when Cream walks in on them. It also now has two different possible “finishes”, depending on whether or not Cream has deep-throated you once in the bathroom already.

Developer Notes:

This version of Babysitting Cream has been forked from FuzzyBunny23’s v0.3.1 release of the “FuzzyBunny-Mod Ren’py Port”, which in turn is based on Protofan’s 2020 Ren’Py port of the Aval0nX Flash game from 2013. Since FuzzyBunny23 hasn’t been seen in some time, I hope to pick up where he left off and continue development in his absence.

Please note: this is still in beta, and VERY incomplete! The game is playable all the way through, but there are some scenes which can’t be reached or which don’t have any content written for them yet, and many events do not yet have any accompanying artwork.

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