Beat Banger [v3.48] BunFan Games

Game Story Line

Beat Banger is a simple NSFW rhythm game created using the Godot Engine. This is BunFan Games’ first ever released project

Version Changelog



  • Added beatbanger_console.exe to game files for debugging
  • Added Achievements
  • Added Achievement concept art
  • Added Achievement Unlocking UI Sounds and Graphics
  • Added Stat tracking for achievements
  • Added Menu Background
  • Added support for snapping to 1/3 and 1/6 beat in the editor (addition by SockHungryClutz)
  • Added Copy and Paste Mod downloading
  • Added open mods command to console
  • Added Mod Export Button in the level editor
  • Added Controller Bumper Input
  • Added more Gale moans to her voicebank


  • Fixed Controller Ghost Note Bug
  • Fixed sound test music persisting in Level Editor
  • Fixed Some of Claire’s Animation Errors
  • Fixed Rasterization of the BunFan logo (Fix By KirbyKidJ)
  • Fixed mod extraction soft locks after errors
  • Fixed Visual Error on Jasmine Hotmenu_Keybinds
  • Fixed faulty window bug in start-up
  • Fixed a bug where connecting your Lovense device would cause the game to crash


  • Improved developer commands
  • Moved the version label to the hot menu
  • Modifiers are now locked during gameplay

Game Images

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