Beauty Eater [v0.1] By NightRaven3D

NightRaven3D Games released a new game called Beauty Eater and the version is 0.1. The game’s story is about Beauty Eater is a story-driven 3D visual novel where you play as a University Student starting his academic life. Each choice you make can help shape the world around you, and you can even delve into extra content such as a fantasy world. Everything is up to your choices: choose your friends, your fraternity, what you really want to do, and enjoy the rewards.​

Developer: NightRaven3D
File Size: 962.1 MB
Version: 0.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.1 Initial Release:

Developer Notes:

  • Beauty Eater is a project I’ve been dreaming of creating since I got to enjoy the games around here years ago and I finally have the means and time to do it. It’s an ambitious project and I understand that it will be difficult to create everything I have in mind but this is something I’ve been wanting do to for such a long time, of course similarities with many games in the forum can be found, BaD and so many other university-themed games have inspired me but this game is my creation and I have special ideas for it. As for the tags I understand that the NTR topic always shows up and I am not quite familiar to define what is NTR or not but as to this game the MC won’t be a cuck, there will be no game scenes of the MC being cuckold, while you can choose to cheat on the love interests if you have a meaningful relationship with them or even try steal love interests from other characters in the game, the MC won’t be cuckold, although depending on your choices you can be abandoned by your love interest, I won’t explore this field in the game.
  • While the 0.1 release shows a bit of the university and classes, and also some recurring characters, it can only serve as an intro to the game’s main focus which is the power relations and distribution in the campus, the new update which I am already working on, gives a more deep meaning to the fraternities and sororities and also the campus features. The game has different routes that can be easily seen through the fraternity you choose to join or whether or not join one at all, while it doesn’t eliminate your chances with a few girls it might make it harder to convince her you are a good match for her, it all depends on your choices. The extra content route which has fantasy elements is also something I have come up with along with my brother and it will work like a DLC, you can avoid it and it won’t affect your game, but if you do choose it, you will have access to extra content. I hope you guys enjoy my work, while I may not answer all the comments I will certainly read them, you can also always try to contact me via private messages through the forum or discord, thanks, and good game. Also, I understand that it would be good to include here the planned tags so here it goes, while they may suffer changes, for now this is what is planned and is considered a tag here:
  • Anal Sex; Ahegao; BDSM; Blackmail; Cheating; Combat; Corruption; Cosplay; Creampie; Drugs; Exhibitionism; Fantasy; Footjob; Graphic Violence; Group Sex; Handjob; Humiliation; Interracial; Lesbian; Male domination; Multiple Penetration; Oral Sex; Romance; Sex Toys; Spanking; Stripping; Titfuck; Vaginal Sex; Voyeurism;

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