Big Long Complex [v3.1] [DonTaco]


Fixed major bugs

Added Calendar

Added Days of the week

Added number to aparments

Added new apartment deed (Porn studio)

Temporarily removed Park girl

Added fast travel through the phone



Added 3 new scene threads to Ginny

Added 2 new scene threads to pregnant Ginny

Added 1 sex scene threads to Lia

Added 1 scene threads to Kenzy

Added 1 scene threads to Lia and Ginny

Ginny can now get pregnant (Optional)

Added new locations (Daycare, Cathedral, Library)

Added Milk (Lilbrary)

Added Alina (Clothes shop)

Added Speed up pregnancy pills

General Bug fixes


-Reworked job system (Mostly just reduced the grind.)
Added 3 new scene threads to Ginny (One couldn’t make it this update sadly)
Added 2 sex scene threads to Lia
Lia can now get pregnant (Optional)
Added 2 new sex scene threads to pregnant Lia (Day and Night)
Added 5th and 6th floor of the complex
Added functionality for apartment deed/condom/birth control pills
Added Pin to puncture condoms
Added Sex Shop
Added character Mimi, Kenzy, Lluvia and Danna (No scenes for now)
Added Old house (Mostly as a teaser for upcoming updates)
Added Small apartment
Added the option to buy the General Store/Paint Shop/Sex Shop
Save alert no longer appears in scenes
Passion of gifts increased
Infinite screwdrivers can no longer be farmed
Probably some other minor shit I forgot to write down.


  • Fixed Infinite animation loop (Hopefully)
  • Fixed Passion resetting after morning event.
  • Reduced time between transitions.
  • Added dialog to know when you reached the end of a event  thread
  • Added window mode (ALT+ENTER For fullscren )
  • Minor bugfixes


  • General performance improvements
  • Stability improvements
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Added profile screen


Initial release

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