Brothel Empire [v5.6u] [Orochy] – F95zone

v5.6U version ready!

Additions and updates:

– New forge girl animation

– New beach background

– New snowy beach background

– New port upgrade system

– Bug fix when buying the sign

– New images with SVG technology

– New cheat code: rezero

– Main menu improvements

– 3 New doors to the brothel

– Fixed beach cutscenes

– Improved graphics on the beach girls

– HP system rebuild

– Fixed issues with missions

– Removal of obsolete codes

– While it snows the girls don’t show up on the beach

– Bug fixes


Additions and updates:

– New menus and designer

– New main menu

– New background and visual upgrade

– Improved world map

– New map icon descriptions

– Settings options in the main menu

– New cheat code: abracadabra

– New SVGs added

– Improvements to the time control buttons

– Improved game loading

– Improved particle system

– Preparation to add new rooms

– New character creation buttons

– Gallery improvements

– Improvements in game performance

– Bug and error corrections


Additions and updates:

– New BDSM room

– New sex animation

– Added more SVG graphics

– New cheat code: successful

– New more readable fonts

– Object positioning fix

– Re-creation of the NPC system

– Correction in the loading system

– Reward system reworked

– Fix in the tutorial system

– Preparation for new rooms

– Positioning the character’s hair

– Diana’s animation

– Preparation for new preloader

– Improvements to room rewards

– Bug fixes

v5.2U version

– Additions and updates:

– Addition of the new graphics engine

– New SVG graphics

– Cheat Code System

– Recreating the cutscenes system

– SVGs that adapt to resolution

– Recreation of Mia’s graphics

– Tutorial Improvements

– New texts (More readable)

– Improved performance

– Improved loading speed

– 3 new cheat codes:

(elonmusklife) Add 100000 cash

((waterfallmoney) Add 1000’s of whores

(tycoon) Add 100 reputation

– Preparation for changing all graphics to vectors

– Correction in the tutorial text

– Bug fix on world map

– Correction of overload errors

New 5.1U version ready!

Additions and Updates:

– New achievement systems

– New missions and categories

– Addition and improvement of background designer

– Battle system redesign

– Button to pay the debit

– Rewards systems

– Revamping the forging system

– New snow backgrounds

– Improved snow system

– Fixes in the time system

– Preparation for new rooms

– Points counting system

– Correction of damages

– Preparation for vegetation

– Improvements in the money system

– Bug fixes


– Additions and updates:

– New resolution system

– 4K Full HD Backgrounds

– Correction in resolution variables

– Graphical redesign

– Adaptive menu scaling

– Adaptive Tutorial

– Improvement in climate systems

– Increase in global map

– Preparation for expansion of the universe

– Addition of vector graphics

– Correction in the battle system

– Reaction to climate

– recreation of the beach

– Improvements and fixes in the executable version

– Bug fixes


Additions and Updates:

– New Girl forge

– Graphical improvement in the mission list

– New credit system

– Graphical improvement in the credits menu

– Preparation for pre-season PVP

– Reset the ranking for listing

– Improved battle systems performance

– improvement in the forge

– Weapons bug fixes

– Recreation of the news system

– Preparation for the email login system

– Preparation for adding vector graphics

– Creation of top rankings and preparation for rewards

– Correction in character creation

– Improved sleeping attack system

– Bug and error correction

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