Chrono’s Legacy [v0.1.3] By White Zafiro

White Zafiro Games released a new game called Chrono’s Legacy and the version is 0.1.3. The game’s story is about is set in a futuristic fantasy universe where magic and technology coexist in harmony, weaving a tale of intrigue, discovery, and destiny. As a child, the protagonist’s life was shattered when his peaceful village was ravaged, leaving him orphaned and barely clinging to life. Found barely alive on the road, he was later adopted by a man who would turn out to be a legendary assassin known only as “Zero”.

Years later, after being trained in the arts of stealth, magic, and combat by his adoptive father, the protagonist has become a force to be reckoned with. Following the steps of his mentor, he is now a renowned assassin who somehow has managed to hide his identity from the world. Motivated by his desire to learn the truth about everything and avenge his loved ones, the protagonist gets involved in a mysterious scenario that will either lead him to the answers that he is looking for or consume and destroy him, turning into his ultimate demise.

Developer: White Zafiro
File Size: 388.0 MB
Version: 0.1.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:



Initial Release

Developer Notes:

You have the power to traverse and decide which path the protagonist will take:

Will you act like a righteous hero who will try to do his best to pursue justice no matter what? Or will you be selfish and commit acts of evil to achieve your goals?

Every choice has an impact on the outcome of your unique story, and every path you take will come with its own pros and cons, how you deal with the consequences of your actions, is also up to you.

Be a savior, be a villain, You are the one who decides.


  • Branching Storylines: Experience a dynamic narrative that adapts to your choices.
  • Emotional Exploration: Engage with themes of love, trust, temptation, and personal growth. Witness the characters’ emotional struggles and triumphs as they navigate their paths.
  • Cast Variety: Meet a wide range of different characters during your playthrough. From humans to more exotic individuals for you to befriend… or not.
  • Full HD renders: Immerse yourself in the lush tropical setting through beautifully illustrated scenes and character designs that capture the essence of paradise.
  • 60FPS Animations: Animated adult scenes unique to the storyline.
  • Fully Voiced adult scenes: No more mute animated adult scenarios.
  • Impactful Choices: Each decision you make has real consequences on the characters and the overall plot. Your choices will determine the relationships you forge and the outcomes you reach.

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