Chrono’s Legacy [v0.1.3] White Zafiro

Game Storyline

“Chronos Legacy” is set in a futuristic fantasy universe where magic and technology coexist in harmony, weaving a tale of intrigue, discovery, and destiny.

As a child, the protagonist’s life was shattered when his peaceful village was ravaged, leaving him orphaned and barely clinging to life. Found barely alive on the road, he was later adopted by a man who would turn out to be a legendary assassin known only as “Zero”.

Years later, after being trained in the arts of stealth, magic, and combat by his adoptive father, the protagonist has become a force to be reckoned with. Following the steps of his mentor, he is now a renowned assassin who somehow has managed to hide his identity from the world.

Motivated by his desire to learn the truth about everything and avenge his loved ones, the protagonist gets involved in a mysterious scenario that will either lead him to the answers that he is looking for or consume and destroy him, turning into his ultimate demise.

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