Collars Rebirth [ Core 0.3.434] By Nekomatic

Nekomatic Games released a new game called Collars Rebirth and the version is Core 0.3.434. The game’s story is about You rebuild your life after getting kicked out by your hyper protective and prudish mother. You play as Lucas/Lucy, the grandchild of renown pervert and deviant Izuna Kimura. Little is known about your heritage, the town, or even the mysterious collars that you handle early on in the game. Go through life in a town your mother cast you away to, and defy her attempts to rid the lecherous desires your grandmother passed down to you. Collar innocent townsfolk and make them your mindless sex toys, win the heart of one special npc and settle down the right way, or fight and violate feral anthro inhabitants. The choice is ultimately yours.

Developer: Nekomatic
File Size: 749.0 MB
Version: Core 0.3.434
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Core 0.3.432
++Bug Fixes++

  • Using the overworld map before fixing your house now teleports you to the run down interior
  • Fixes made to Sabine and Misha sex scenes to ensure correct clothes get put on after
  • Typo fixed in splash screen
  • Fixed some issues with Saki going to/leaving the housemate hub
  • Added missing loot items to Lagomorph loot chances (blood & bones)
  • The letter from OOF now also comesfrom Sakis first egg birth, unless the player has birthed an egg first

++Major Additions++

  • NEW character added, Kyle!
  • Can be knocked up, and give birth
  • Has page in the notebook under ‘others’
  • Bear Essentials now has a forge and shop inventory!
  • Speak to Kyle to use either
  • ++Minor Additions++
  • Altered mining loot chances for ore deposits in mountain
  • Sprinkled some iron, copper and silver ore rocks on mountain top maps
  • Sprinkled some gold and copper ore rocks in mines
  • Equines now drop loot when defeated!
  • Tribadism scene added for female lagomorph victory choice list
  • Loading a new save/exiting to menu now skips the splash screen to avoid over-repetition
  • Saki can now be carried around!
  • Saki dialogue option ‘come along’ added, player is given a bucket item to use for activation
  • The bucket will stay in the player inventory until you use it and make Saki return home, even when sleeping/time skipping.
  • Saki will not show up in the player house as long as the player still has the bucket item.
  • Using the bucket item also gives players who are under 10 days pregnant the option to carry Saki inside of them
  • If Saki is occupying the players uterus, creampies will have 0% chance of impregnating the player
  • Using the bucket while “carrying” Saki will let you birth them back out

Core 0.3.43
Major Additions

  • Masturbation Script redone
  • Toy’ subscript added! (Currently only Hollys Panties can be used, more items will be added)
  • Panties, Dildos, etc can be used if in inventory when such items are fleshed out in the game.
  • Prompts player if they want to use ‘an item’ when starting masturbation scene if they have atleast one.
  • NEW NPC: Holly
  • Scene triggers Winter 24, at 6pm or later while entering your house. MUST USE FRONT DOOR.
  • Special ‘present’ under the tree appears the next day if you have sex with her

Core 0.3.33

**Minor Additions**

  • Additional fixes applied to the ‘update’ cellphone feature.
  • Meeting Akane prior to the addition of the NPC debug room and it still being locked should be remedied with use.
  • Kariks facial expression pack altered for balance.
  • Extra expression files added
  • Extra clothes added to the Dreamy Pines Inn map in case of in-battle stripping.

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