Cruel Serenade: Gutter Trash [v0.7.2] By Bitshift

Bitshift Games released a new game called Cruel Serenade: Gutter Trash and the version is 0.7.2. The game’s story is about In the decaying ruins of Midnight City, danger and opportunity lurk in every shadow, beneath every flickering neon light. For Mezz, a cocky and capable crimefighter, a new chance at both has just opened up: A dusty data disc that may be a ticket to the Towers, the gleaming, guarded enclave of the elites. But getting his paws on it may take longer than expected, as the trail leads him straight to the dark, filthy heart of Midnight City: The Gutter.​

Developer: Bitshift
File Size: 549.7 MB
Version: 0.7.2
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • The center path, at last! A new area to explore, and potential “easy” “shortcut”, though knowing how things turn out for Mezz, maybe not so much.
  • Mahir’s bad end, when Mezz loses to him, is now fully fleshed out!
  • A new outfit!
  • A new mini-game/gameplay loop
  • New scenes! 4 new scenes, 4 mini scenes, 6 unique CG, and 28 new images overall.

Game Images & Screenshots


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