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Be careful not to be captured by the Dark Siren, find the note left by the sailors, uncover the truth, and escape.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-20

Release Date: 2024-01-06

Censored: No

Version: 01/06 – 1.5.0

OS: Windows

Language: English



3d game, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, sandbox, horror, no sexual content, monster girl, cosplay




1. Extract and run.



○Add skin

– Added Silk Dress skin

○Added features

-You can use “Jetpack” in Giantess Siren mode.

-You can hide the UI when you press the U key in Giantess Siren mode.

○Add skin

-Added Nurse of the deep sea

○Character rigging modifications

-Fixed an issue where Siren’s wrist was twisted

-Fixed an issue where the waist belt of see-through lingerie was digging into the stomach

-Fixed an issue where the earrings in see-through lingerie would pull in the Siren’s cheek.

○System bug fixed

– Fixed an issue where the name of see-through lingerie was printed to reverse bunny in the Giant Siren summon menu.


-New skin “See-through Lingerie” is added.

-The rigging of all skins has been improved.


-A feature has been added to induce Siren attacks in Giantess Siren Mod. (Number 6)

-A feature to adjust the Siren’s body shape has been added.

※Body slider can modify chest/waist/hip/obesity/muscle mass/height.

○Add motion

– Two types of Dark Siren attack motions have been added in Giantess Siren Mod.


– Added reverse bunny girl skin


– Added skin color change system

– Changed hair color/skin color to apply per skin

Invisible mode

– Added the ability to slap the siren’s butt (available in certain situations)

– Added “Captured 5” cutscene

– Added “Revenge of the Invisible Man” ending

○Giantess Mode

– Added invincibility feature

-Added human cannon feature (you can shoot yourself up)


– Added warning tape skin


– Added warning tape siren concept art


– Added hair color change feature

※ It is limited because it is a method of adding from existing colors.

○Add Game Mode

-Added Giant Siren mode = Try using various items among the giant sirens.

※Including Giant Siren ending

○Add skin

-Added bubble shower skin = Skin that increases exposure when the sprinkler is activated.

○Add Extra Item

-Sprinkler = Activates the sprinkler to make the Siren’s body wet.


-Changed to Boombox item toggle method

-Limited to max frame rate 60

-Added UI hide function in Extra Menu

Updated Game Modes, Skins and Extra

[Add Game Mode]

-Point Collect Mode = This is a mode what you can avoid Dark Siren and collect points to unlock extra.


-Added Dark Siren rotation/enlargement function

-Added 4 types of Dark Siren poses

-Added cutscene play function

[Add skin]

-Dancing Queen

-Sexy lingerie

-Wild Bikini

-Horror Night

[Add Extra Item]

-Boombox – An item that can make the siren dance. (You can see the dance when checked in the extra UI.)

-Light Change – This is an item that can change the color of the light in the game.

-Posture Correction – This item can change the walking motion of Dark Siren.

-Run function – This item activates the ability to run by consuming stamina.

※The running function is activated before the extra opens.

If you want to enjoy a higher game difficulty, you can cancel the application after unlocking the extra.


-Added cloud save feature.

-Added “Double Siren” achievement.

Thanks to many users who played, we were able to open trading cards.

We worked hard to prepare it with a grateful heart, so We hope you like it.

Thanks for playing.

New special items and skins have been added.

<Update contents>

– Bunny girl skin is added.

-“Apprentice sailor’s bunny girl card” is added to the story view.

– “Height-elevating insole” is added as a special item.

– “Oil lamp” is added to the special item.

– You can now skip the narration at the start of the game.

– The modeling of the Ruins Guardian skin is improved.

During the development of a new game, we made preparations in between.

I hope you will like it.

Thanks for playing the game.


Developer Notes:


[How to play]

Find the notes left by the sailors throughout the ship, uncover the truth about what happened here, and escape.

You must stay alert and look around carefully to avoid being charmed by the Dark Siren.

If you are caught and enchanted by the Dark Siren 3 times, the game will be over.

[Game Features]

▷ Charming characters

▷ Suspenseful play

▷ Simple operation

▷ Game Mode: Normal Mode, Hard Mode, Invisible Mode

▷ Various skins that can be unlocked while playing

▷ 7 achievements


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