Dungeon Days [v0.06] By Buba

Buba Games released a new game called Dungeon Days and the version is 0.06. The game’s story is about Wes Cragvern is the Assistant Janitor of the best dungeon in the world that doubles as his home. One day, he’s tasked with spying on a group of new adventurers that are planning on wiping out said dungeon. Along with his childhood friend, a White Dragon girl named Pah’Sharah, they set out to town to find out what’s the deal with these new adventurers. Little do they know about how complicated their lives were about to become from this one simple mission. Events they could never have foreseen before pile on top of one another that lead them all towards an uncertain future! If Wes is going to save the ones he cares for, he’s going to have to step up from wielding a mop to wielding the power of a Dungeon Lord!

Developer: Buba
File Size: 2.22 GB
Version: 0.06
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 1825+ Renders!
  • 47 Animations!
  • New UI!
  • Gallery for all the sexy scenes!
  • VERY big Koko lewd scene!
  • New Characters and Redesigns!
  • Over 21k words!


  • 715+ Renders!
  • 22 Animations! (Really excited to see how everyone likes them)
  • Celeste lewd scene!
  • MORE SAVE SLOTS! (not much more but some more… new UI will have many more, trust me)
  • LOTS of new Sound Effects!
  • Some minor bug fixes for Linux users!
  • General edits such as the Pah vs Vanhi scene!
  • NEW sound effects for the beginning of the game (up to where Wes and Pah get to the tow

Developer Notes:

1. The Graphic Violence tag is used for the beginning of the game, and potentially future parts, where people are brutally killed in some fashion. NOT for anything sexual. I will NOT be having anything like guro in my game.

2. I will NEVER put in guro, bestiality, scat, cheating, monster (male), MM content, rape, vore, or NTR. Nope. Never.

3. *ALL* sex scenes will be optional. I want the option to be available so yes, there is a “sexless run” planned for the final version of the game. This isn’t necessarily the “true” route but I believe it important to at least give the option.

Game Images & Screenshots

: dungeon-days-v0.06-win-linux.zip – 2.2 GB
Mac: dungeon-days-v0.06-mac.zip – 2.2 GB


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