Family Ties [v0.0.8] BY Selina Games

Selina Games released a new game called Family Ties and the version is 0.0.8. The game’s story is about This is HTML based game is about a regular married woman living in a small town. Their life starts to change when an unexpected guest appears in their home, who will have to live with you for a while. Where all this can lead? It completely depends on you. NTR is currently not in the game, but it can be avoided in future updates.

Developer: Selina Games
File Size: 3.26 GB
Version: 0.0.8
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Fixed the display of the locations of the husband and his stepbrother in the late night.
  • Fixed the display of the husband’s location on Thursday evening.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sex scenes to be displayed incorrectly or not at all.
  • Fixed the absence of her husband’s stepbrother in the kitchen at noon on Friday.
  • Fixed a bug where the game thought that you were still in dialogue with your husband or his brother, when in fact this is not the case. (Should fix a bug that sometimes didn’t trigger a repeatable event with his brother jerking off in the living room)
  • Fixed a bug where the options for “Threesome” and “Talk” were visible when talking with husband’s brother in the bathroom.
  • Fixed the event with the MC’s debts. (At least I really hope so :D) A new game is recommended, because I don’t know if it works on save from 0.0.7.
  • Fixed a hint in getting a hotter version of the event at the University. To get a hotter version of the event, University fame cannot be increased only until the other conditions are met. After that, the fame can be increased.
  • Fixed the display of the video with cumming during the first anal sex.
  • Fixed a bug where the time could go beyond the limits and lead to an eternal Monday morning.
  • The right sidebar has been added.
  • Cleanliness, fitness, tan, beauty, schedule, cheats, gallery, changelog, credits, links to Patreon and Boosty have been moved to the right sidebar.
  • The settings menu has been redesigned and now looks more compact.
  • Switching the emergency button has been added to the settings menu. Now the emergency is on the right sidebar by default, but it can be moved to the phone.
  • Two scenes from the University from the last update have been added to the gallery.
  • Tan is now added not by 1, but randomly from 1 to 4.
  • Now you can masturbate in the living room only if there is no one there.
  • Now you can watch porn on your PC only if your husband is not in the bedroom.
  • Now, if your husband hasn’t caught you having sex with his brother yet, then you can have sex with your husband in the living room and in the kitchen only if his brother isn’t there right now.
  • Now, if your husband hasn’t caught you having sex with his brother yet, then you won’t be able to jerk off, suck and have sex with his brother anywhere except in the bathroom while your husband is at home.
  • Added a hint on how to get to a threesome in the branch of her husband’s stepbrother if you have NTR enabled.
  • Added a more detailed hint on the cinema and NTR branch. The hint is visible in the branch of mini-events and the branch of the heroine’s husband with sufficient progress.
  • Added the opportunity to have the first threesome with her husband and his brother if she refused to have sex when her husband caught her with his brother in the living room. Just talk to her husband when he’s at home.
  • Added event with the first double vaginal penetration.
  • A new variant of repeated group sex has been added – double vaginal penetration. It becomes available after the event with the first double vaginal penetration.
  • Added an exclusive event available only to subscribers. The event activation hint will appear after the first double vaginal penetration.
  • Added a dialogue with husband after the first photo shoot.
  • Added repeatable photo shoots at a modeling agency. You can choose the type of photo shoot and the time of its holding. There are currently 9 photo shoots to choose from.
  • Added a new random event at the University. With a bad University fame above 10, students start gossiping about the MC in lectures.
  • Added a new random event at the University. With a bad University fame above 30, students will interrupt lectures and ask the MC to show them her boobs.
  • Added a new random event at the University. MC may accidentally drop her pen on the floor during the lecture.
  • Now students asking MC to show her boobs at the second break too.
  • Added a special event at the University for Valentine’s Day. The event will trigger on the morning of any working day and works only from February 14th to March 14th.
  • Chances of random events at the University are slightly increased.
  • All GIFs of showering and sex in the shower have been replaced with videos.
  • All GIFs for the “Insert anal plug”/”Pull out anal plug” actions have been replaced with videos.


  • All typos and dialog errors known to me have been fixed.
  • Fixed the wait button. Now it will be impossible to skip the whole day and disrupt the cycle.
  • Fixed the assignment of the first and last name to the rector through the names menu.
  • Finally, a normal schedule of characters has been compiled. Now the location of the MC’s husband and his stepbrother is slightly different from what it was in the early versions.
  • Added an automatic check “Is the husband at home?”.
  • Added an automatic check “Is the MC’s husband’s stepbrother at home?”.
  • Added the ability to get a piercing.
  • Added a mini event with graffiti of the MC. The event is triggered randomly when the MC is on the street. The event is quite rare and will not be activated until the fame of Holagram or ForFans is above 50.
  • Added automatic location check. This should fix the wrong display of sex scenes depending on the location of the MC in some cases.
  • A new event has been added, which will start automatically after the 60th day if the MC is outside and if it is not a weekend. The event leads to the MC’s debt. In the future, this chain will lead to the addition of new characters.
  • Added the ability to pay off debt through the banking app on the phone.
  • An event with consequences has been added if the MC has not paid the weekly debt. The game may end with a bad ending depending on your choice. If your choice did not lead to a bad ending, then at the moment the event will be repeated every time if the MC did not pay the debt on time. In the future, I will expand this event.
  • Added the continuation of the event at the university.
  • Added the ability to have threesome sex with the heroine’s husband and his brother if they are both at home. Sex can be started during a dialogue, or you can invite a second one during sex with one of them. This feature only works when NTR is enabled.
  • A section with information on mini-events has been added to the “What to do” section. Since many people missed the cinema event, I decided to create a section where there will be information and tips about third-party events.
  • A gallery has been added to the phone menu. The gallery is only available if you have activated the access code in the cheat menu. There is only one scene available in the gallery at the moment, but in the future I will add new and existing scenes there.
  • Added Credits to the phone menu.
  • Added bad fame at the University to the cheat menu.
  • Added the ability to change the size of the video through the game settings.
  • Added the ability to hide unnecessary locations through the game settings.
  • Added the ability to enable/disable monitoring of the current location of characters through the game settings.
  • The names menu has been updated with new and missing names.
  • Most of the sex gifs have been replaced with sex videos.

Game Images & Screenshots

: Family Ties 0.0.8 Public.rar – 3.3 GB
Update Only: Family TIes 0.0.7-0.0.8 Public Update Only.rar – 284.5 MB

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