FEMTALITY! [v0.16.0] [Aerisetta]

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Thread Updated: 2024-03-23
Release Date: 2024-03-23
Developer: Aerisetta – Patreon – SubscribeStar – Itch.io – Twitter – Discord – Pixiv
Censored: No
Version: 0.16.0
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Other Games: LUST RUSH
2d game, 3dcg, adventure, ahegao, animated, bdsm, big ass, big tits, combat, fantasy, female domination,male protagonist, female protagonist, footjob, graphic violence, handjob, lesbian, milf, oral sex, religion, spanking, teasing ,virgin, parody, mobile game
Extract and run
  • 5 new LOSE SCENE videos fully Animated and Voiced for Aerisetta, Lisina, Varina, Yukari and Estrelle – All in Gallery
  • Some gameplay improvements based on feedback
  • Mobile coming next week
  • Contrary to previous announcement, FEMTALITY will continue to be updated and not rebooted and a separate game will be made featuring a male MC called FEMTALITY X (for now). – thanks to everyone's feedback
  • 9 New FEMTALITY Femdom Scenes (21 Renders)!
  • Reorganized Aerisetta FEMTALITY randomization.
  • There's no android version for 0.15.1, sorry. Pls wait for 0.15.2
  • 8 New Estrelle Lust Rush Animations!
  • 9 New Yukari FEMTALITIES (3×3 Variations)
  • 1 New Nun (Paddle) FEMTALITY against Male MC
  • Estelle combat animations updated.
  • GALLERY MODE has returned! The thing everyone was waiting for!
  • With gallery, a bunch of old scenes that didn't make sense in the game anymore and were cancelled are now viewable again! (Example: Lisina Counter Attacks)
  • Completely revamped menus for better access to game modes.
  • Brand new tutorial mode for new players (I think returning players should play it too).
  • New camp scene after finishing Stage 2 (Ancient Temple).
  • You can now rename HERO! (This needs to be done every time you restart the game though).
  • Femdom modes added for Demon maids, Nun and Virgin enemies.
  • Punching Nun and Virgin enemy reduced aggression.
  • New Options Menu from the main menu.
  • Old bonus stages got merged into the new Stage 3 (which is still under development, but you can get your Demon maid fix there).
  • One time password entry anytime to access all content (although you need to enter every time you restart the game, sorry).
  • This patch is a complete refactoring of a lot of code to make it easier to expand the game going forward! Thanks for your patience and support!
  • Varina (enemy) will now perform FEMTALITY on male and female player characters
  • Varina (enemy) now has clothing damage, leading to different variations of FEMTALITIES
  • New Varina FEMTALTIES can be viewed in FEMDOM MODE patron room.
  • Introduction Stage revamped (new stage 1)
  • 3 Lore Books added to stage 1, more to come
  • Priest with Staff and Book attacks revamped. Nun charge punch revamped
  • World Map revamped into stage
  • Post stage 1 camp changed, added video after exiting camp.
  • Some old arcade stages removed
  • Skipping cutscene will no longer force player to perform FEMTALITY
  • After Ancient Temple, player will no longer return to wrong camp scene
  • Music for Forest Stage fixed
  • Story Mode Updated – This patch is all about story!
  • PART 1 of Hero's origin story has been added! There are 3 potential paths and outcomes!
  • Story Menu added, you can now start Aerisetta's story from PART 2 (not new)
  • Main Mode Updated: New 1st stage added, it's just an easier stage than Ancient Temple
  • Base Camp Added – I want the Camp to eventually be a post stage Hub, with allies joining and scenes. Kinda like a base.
  • Coins inventory was causing a bug for some people so it has been turned off temporarily. Coins have no use atm anyways.
  • CHEATS are now activated, turn them on in options menu.
  • NEW CHARACTER: Estrelle the Psycho Findom Nun
  • Estrelle is a ranged character with 2 modes of attack. Estrelle has very high damage but is vulerable to fast melee attackers
  • NOTE: Estrelle animations, lust animations are not finished. Some assets are placeholders. Still testing gameplay.
  • Estrelle has 25+ FEMTALITY finishers, they aren't new per se, but it's much easier to access them now.
  • Estrelle need to kite and move away from enemies while shooting.
  • Estrelle's bullets only have 5% chance of interrupting enemies (red bullets), otherwise enemies will take damage but not be interrupted
  • Light Attack(J) is a Shotgun Blast that propels yourself backwards. 3 times on ground, up to 5 times in air and can switch direction once
  • Shotgun Blast will knockdown enemies at melee range
  • Hold down Heavy Attack(K) for a fast gatling gun that has extremely high DPS but leaves Estrelle exposed.
  • All male enemies become LUSTED, female enemies are not affected.
– Fixed error where starting a new game in Patron mode immediately erases your previous save.
– Players can now stay on the ground after getting knocked down. Enemies will slowly creep up to you to grab you and perform Lust Rush!
– Press any button to get back up after landing on the ground.
– Enemies will move out of the way when you get grabbed, letting you see the scenes more clearly.
– Nun Enemies will now perform Lust Rush as well
New Scenes & Animations
– 6 New Lisina Lust Rush animations
– 10 vs Nun FEMTALITY scenes have artwork renewed
– 3 New vs Virgin Priestess FEMTALITY scenes
– 7 New Nun Lust Rush Scenes vs player
– 5 New Maid Lust Rush Scenes vs female player characters
v 0.10.0
– TRAINING MODE has been added, go in and beat up the naughty priest or enjoy some alone time him
– Varina and Yukari are now avaialble to FREE players in TRAINING MODE
– New Lust Rush animations for AERISETTA (6) and VARINA (6) against male enemy. 3 old lust rushes temporarily disabled
– Virgin Priestess' FEMTALITY has a face stepping sequence before it happens now. Mash to escape.
– Lisina, Yukari each have 3 old lust rushes temporarily disabled
– Hero's sword can now be thrown against the wall and it will bounce back!
– Pause menu overhauled, you can now access Options and How to Play in game. Press ENTER or ESC to pause.
– How to Play added in both main menu and pause menu, movelist available.
– Harp Priests can no longer heal enemies who are stunned and about to die.
– This is a big update, please play and give me your valuable feedback!
– HERO can now throw his sword with the FEMTALITY button, can dodge, and fight in a melee stance.
– Main Mode has been updated to include WORLD MAP
– Ancient Temple Ruins is a new stage to showcase some of the new features.
– Game now has fully voice narration!
– If your party is wiped out, you respawn to the beginning of the section (or stage if the stage only has 1 section)
– Added lore books to reveal more about the world of Xalentia, its people, faction and history.
– Stage has normal mode and hard mode, extreme modes to come later!
– 3 New Enemy Types and their variants: Priest, Warrior Nun, Virgin Priestess
– Use the World Map to fight in different locations, pick a new party for each battle!
– 15 new FEMTALITY/LUST for Nuns and Virgin Priestess but TBH, I consider them just place holders for now.
– Lore books contain a bunch of scenes too!
– A new TAG/SWAP button has been added to quick swap to the next character. 1,2,3 still work.
– XTREME AND INSANE MODE ADDED (to unlock, clear normal > hard > xtreme > insane)
v 0.8.0
– New Mistress: The Witchy Librarian with new scenes is now available!
– Please note that the Witchy Librarian section was produced with the assistance of AI.
– For now, AI will only be used for Witchy Librarian and not for other parts of the game.
– Aerisetta also got 2 new scenes, 1 is a fart fetish scene (with warning before it begins)
– Many quality of life changes based on player feedback
– Complete overhaul of the dialogue system in the game.
– Visiblity of text improved a lot.
– Text and UI can now be hidden with ABILITY button (Default K)
– Engine overhaul – Upgraded to Openbor v7123, leading to much more stability and less errors.
– Can perform FEMTALITY on multiple enemies again.
– Story Mode accessible from Main Menu again
– Game saves itself at the beginning of each stage!!! Clear indicator added as requested.
– 13 new scenes added
– New Scene Viewer – In Path of the Pathetic (Full Path), a new red portal has been added, enter to view all the new scenes added this month.
– Damage System overhauled for faster gameplay (will need further tuning in the future)
– Player character now automatically targets closet enemy and will do a short dash towards them for easier targeting.
– Character Swaping can now be done by pressing (Attack + Dodge) (Heavy + Dodge) (FEMTALITY + Dodge).
– Enemies will no longer leave the screen when getting knocked away.
– Enemies will stay stunned for longer, giving you more time to do FEMTALITIES
– FEMTALITY attack now only hits 1 enemy per hit, so no more activating 10 FEMTALITY at once, which I found annoying myself.
– YUKARI can now be attacked in Path of the Pathetic.
Hit her enough times and her clothes will come off, leading to 8 different FEMTALITY scenes!
– Enemies placement and spawn revamped for Tag Battle Mode for better pacing
– Wandering Ronin enemy added to Tag Battle Mode
– Aerisetta grab in combat graphical overhaul
– PATH OF THE PATHETIC is now available.
– As a lot of people requested, they just want to stand around and get abused by the mistresses…okay I get it
So now we have Path of the Pathetic where you can play as HERO and get abused all you want.
FREE VERSION – Aerisetta, Lisina, Yukari, Maid
PAID VERSION – Aerisetta, Estrelle (WIP), Lisina, Varina, Yukari, Maid
I put Yukari in the Free version because I want to showcase to more people what PotP is like.  It's the most complete version of PotP I have right now.
More updates coming soon!
Aerisetta story mode is now inside Aerisetta's Path of the Pathetic room.
So now there's no gallery??? That's correct, unfortunately gallery was a pain to develop for and always full of bugs.
Making gallery gives me a headache and makes me unable to add FEMTALITIES unless it is a set of 20 which is not very flexible and I hate it.
With this change, we can all have more fun with more FEMTALITY additions.
v0.7.0 Patreon
Yukari the Oni Ronin is here! Yukari is a high speed katana wielding samurai.
  • Currently 6 FEMTALITY scenes vs male
  • Yukari can be grabbed by enemy LUST RUSH with multiple scenes.
  • STORY MODE and CLASSIC MODE are back, note some of the tutorial and cutscenes may not make sense.
  • TEMPLE OF WORSHIP (Gallery) is back! Yukari does not have a standard gallery yet, but she will give you randomized scenes when you worship her.
  • Fully Gallery Unlock (not all scenes are there though) is included in this post (Succubus.txt)
1/2/2023 – V0.7.0D
– TAG MODE is now available: Aerisetta, Lisina and Hero are usable.
– Select a team of three characters to defeat your enemies.
– The game play is completely revamped.
17/5/2022 – V0.2.0D
Story Mode: Prologue added!
– Minor tweaks to Aerisetta's hitboxes
20/4/2022 – V0.1.3D
– 2 New Scenes of Aerisetta (vs Male), 2 New Full Animation Scenes for Lisina and Estrelle (vs Male)
GALLERY MODE added! Gallery is avaliable for Aerisetta and Lisina!
Grapple Combat System implemented! Press +Ability (default K) to initiate grapple! (see move list for more details)
– Jump velocity adjustment. Air dashing or double jumping now changes your velocity as one would expect it does.
– I am trying some fast animation cancelling, similar to Gulty Gear's Gattling system (kinda..). This means weaker attacks can always cancel into stronger attacks. Attacks can always cancel into Abilities can always cancel into Summons
– Aerisetta can now air grab by pressing FEMTALITY button in the air and initiate Femtality straight from the air (if the enemy has 1 HP left) Normal

5/4/2022 – V0.1.2D

-Stage 3 now playable in Demo
-Estrelle rework (Summon 2 obtained now at beginning of Stage 3)
-20 new Femtality Scenes for Estrelle -Easy Mode (all enemies have significantly lower HP)
-Archers AI changed to shoot less, and less likely to shoot behind them (not eliminated but less likely)
-MP regeneration rate doubled, summon more!!!
-Special abilities reduced cost to 30MP each.
-Walk and Run speed increased.
-Jump velocity increased. Running jump was not added, too buggy.
-Clearer continue screen (players start with 3 lives and 4 continue credits)
-Damage numbers now visible when you hit enemies.
28/3/2022 – V0.1.0D Initial Release
Default Controls:
Up/Left/Down/Right – W/A/S/D
Light Attack – J
Heavy Attack – K
Super Attack – N
Dodge – Left Shift
Swap Character – Number Keys 1,2,3
Player 3 Light Attack – Character Slot 1
Player 3 Heavy/Attack – Character Slot 2
Player 3 Super Move –    Character Slot 3
You can remap the keys in Options > Control Options.
You MUST remap the keys if you want to use controller, gamepad or joystick.
Move List:
Move List
Light Attack x 4-5 times performs a standard combo
Pressing Heavy Attack during the Light Attack combo will have different Heavy Attacks/Ability based which previous Light Attack was used.
Think of Dynasty Warriors
AERISETTA (Succubus Princess)
ABILITY: Air Dash/Double Jump
SUPER: Time Stop – Aerisetta gains invulnerabilty for a moment, all enemies are slowed down.
L L L L L – Standard Combo
L H – Launch Kick
L L H – Bum Rush (Causes Wallbounce)
L L L H – Grab Rush (Hold enemy and throw/tease them)
L L L L H – Launch Kick
L L L L L H H H H – Ultimate Combo πŸ™‚
Jump L L L – Standard Aerial Combo
Jump Down L or H – Smash Down
Jump Up L – Aerial Launch
Jump > Jump – Double Jump
Jump + Dodge – Air Dash
LISINA (Elf Madame)
ABILITY: Butterfly Bomb – Summon a butterfly that chases down the nearest enemy and explodes after a set period of time. Launches enemy into the air.
SUPER: Healing Circle – Creates a healing circle on the ground for 20 seconds. Player characters that stand in the circle are healed over time.
L L L L L – Standard Combo
L H – Very High Launch Kick
L L H – Fast Count Down Butteryfly Bomb
L L L H – 2 x Immediate Explode Butterfly Bomb + 1 x Fast Count Down Butteryfly Bomb
HERO (A Male Hero)
SUPER: Haste – Negate all enemy attacks for a period of time.
L – Heavy Thrust that makes enemies bounce off walls.
H – Heavy Slash that finishes off enemies, use after Heavy Thrust for easier combo.
Jump L – HERO can't jump, but he does have a very strong heavy attack! You'll have to figure out how to get him in the air though ^_^
VARINA (Military Woman)
ABILITY: Roundhouse Kick – Varina kicks the enemy far away. The kick is faster and does more damage when used after Varina's light attack combo.
SUPER: Haste – Varina gains super human speed for a short period.
L L L L L – Standard Combo
L H – Standard Combo to Round House Kick 5%
L L H – Standard Combo to Round House Kick 20%
L L L H – Standard Combo to Round House Kick 50%
L L L L H – Standard Combo to Round House Kick 80%
L L L L L H – Standard Combo to Round House Kick 110%
YUKARI (Oni Ronin)
ABILITY: Speed Slash – – Yukari rushes forward and slashes her opponents in the blink of a eye, can be comboed up to three times.
SUPER: Full Screen Slash – Yukari slashes everyone
L L L L L L – Standard Combo
H H H – Fast Combo
H H H L – Fast Combo into Landing
Fan Signatures:
For Android delete old version and reinstall, don't update!

Win (0.16.0)

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