Futa Prision [v1.1.1] [Ninja Head]


Added events:

– lyzandra battle 1

– bad ending 1 (unlocked by losing once)

– battle lyzandra 2

– bad ending 2 (if you lose 5 times you will unlock this ending)

– Lysandra interrogates he slaves (to unlock this event

You will have to go down to the sewers, it will activate only if you have the key to floor 7)

– Amazon Goddess of the Stench Clan taken as an offering: (the same if you have the key to the 7th floor this event will be activated, go down to before the Stench Clan)

– Fourth Amazon Goddess (only enter the goddess’s door)

– Queen: since you have the key to floor 7, try to go down, you will unlock the queen’s scene.


– Game guide added until version 1.1.1

–  Experimental laboratory  (only menbers)

– Chest Floor 8, unlocks the entire gallery on floor 8 (it is unlocked for everyone)

  – Molten Steel Chest (it is a mystery, you can try to solve it in the memory room)

– Added chest: Unlock all images

– Updated 7th floor chest now unlocks the entire gallery. until version 1.1.1.

– Red sound bug button (any sound will be turned off with this button) and I noticed that there are sound bugs with this you will turn it off.

Important changes

– Fixed initial bug, you cannot talk to the prisoner by simply clicking on him.

– Almost everything is now in English and Spanish including weapons, skills and items,  However, the name of the maps does not yet exist.

– Prevention screen added at the start of the game.

– You can now skip the minigames on floor 8

– The number of saves was increased to 99 (previously you could only have 20)

(The guide is located in the compressed winrar)



– Gallery – (there is a chest that unlocks almost

the entire 7th floor gallery password on discord)

– General’s dormitory:

To get to the room you will have to go to the librarian, you will learn a spell to transfer your essence to another existential plane.

– 2 paintings in the general room,

To unlock the giant painting you will have to look for the gold piece.

(clue is in one of the chests on the 7th floor)


– milk slave box: (note it does not have futa content, it is the only one in the entire game)

– Sister Ntr picture part 2

– Ass slave tribe painting.

ADDED: Sato’s first kiss, the first time you meet Helga, if you refuse, that scene will happen, you can also see her in Helga’s room talking to her


(You can use your saves from floor 7 from the previous version)

Bug fixed:

Fixed when you beat Kiriha the screen would freeze, now when you win he will give you 1 or 2 pieces for paintings.


Floor 7


Challenge Kiriha head-on, bugs fixed in the version

1.0.9 (patreon available)

– Do not use old saves

– You can start playing from the 7th floor


Bugs fixed:

English: Overflowing texts, they were not read well.

Maker: If you didn’t get the plans before he died in the breakfast event, Italo wouldn’t give you the key.

Valeria final battle. It remained in a static image – corrected, the mini game was eliminated in that phase, now you can continue.

Text in English with he (He) instead of SHE (She) –

Some very loud bgms, corrected by lowering the volume and in some cases the music was paused.


Floor 8 complete

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