Girls und Panzer Panzussy [v0.07.0] By Upforkilling

Upforkilling Games released a new game called Girls und Panzer Panzussy and the version is 0.07.0. The game’s story is about In GUPP you play as a new transfer student to Oarai Girls’ Academy. The game takes place parallel to the original show.​

Developer: Upforkilling
File Size: 4.38 GB
Version: 0.07.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.07.0 / 2/20/24
Boom! The long awaited Update, It probably wasn’t worth the wait, I’m a vary shit dev!

  • Pravda infiltration Ark : 85 images, 22 webms
  • Anglerfish Team : 48 images, 4 webms
  • Hippo team : 34 images, 7 webms
  • Turtle team : 31 images
  • Work : 37 images
  • Lynx team : 4 images

When its all written out like that, its not a lot for 3 months. I will strive to do better in the future.
Next update will be the Pravda match! I might just releases the Pravda match as one little update, if I finish it before my shoulder surgery.


  • English Christmas 1.0
  • Unlike the Halloween event this one is Canon WOOO!! To Panzussy not real GUP. NOW for numbers!!
  • 193 images, so are even good.
  • 25 videos!
  • 8 Christmas music, God I hope they were actually copyright free.
  • As per my usual there is no compression. I canged the PNGs’ into WEBPs’ but it was lossless. This means you cant extract all the Pics and videos from the game.

The filler ark is here!!! Real filler nothing from the anime is covered this update…

  • All PNGs have been converted to webp, this has reduced file size per image by 30-40%
  • New Duck team scenes. A little lewd, a little wholesome.
  • New Rabbit team scenes. Vary lewd, vary little wholesome.
  • New Mallard team scenes. I know how much people like Sadako. So I give the other two all the screen time! Not sorry.
  • New Leopon team scenes. Well its only one Lewd scene, but its a longer one.
  • New hippo team scene. Its Erwin thats all you need to know.
  • New lynx team scenes. One vary lewd, and many background story elements.
  • 3 lewd scenes with non Ooarai students?

Still no Android. I will be dividing the game into smaller parts when I’m limited to my laptop in puerto rico. I don’t have internet in puerto rico so you won’t know if I’m successful until I get back on January 10. I’m sorry Android users.

I’ll also attempt to make a SFW version using MS paint when I’m gone.

I’ll try and make a Christmas side game before I leave, similar to the Leopon Halloween.

ps. The Android version that’s been here wasn’t even playable, so I removed it.


  • Hippo team lewd scene
  • Anzio Ark featuring over 100 renders
  • more Spelling Errors probably
  • Ya I legitimately spent all this time on Anzio
  • I love anzio!

Developer Notes:

I’ll be honest with you the writing isn’t vary good. I have dyslexia so Their will be spelling and grammatical errors and I always miss use their. My play testers have assured its funnier that way. I think I’m improving as time goes on but I probable will never fix the prologue so it may be a monument of my sins.

Game Images & Screenshots

: – 4.4 GB
Mac: – 4.4 GB
Android (Part 1): com.upforkilling.gupp-release.apk – 1.9 GB
Android (Part 2): com.upforkilling.gupp2-release.apk – 1.9 GB

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