Guild of Spicy Adventures [v0.58] Hikkeiru

Game Storyline

Unleash your sword and embark on an journey with your beautiful companions to conquer challenges in this harem adventure game.

Version Changelog


Huge story update with the game crossing 2k renders in total!

Story continuation:

  • Dalia takes you sightseeing!
  • It adds alternative choice for inviting Kanae to snow save fishing without demanding anything from her.
  • Temporary! During winter time the default sunny weather will be snowing! ❄It will be turned off in ALL versions past the winter time.
  • Adding missing XToys integration to last Kanae story.
  • XToys integration now requires only patreon authentication.
  • Intensity during ‘Kanae don’t dive’ event is dynamically calculated based on how much time has passed underwater.
  • Angry text animator effect.
  • Added quest entry for the truth of the world.
  • Improving internally map api.
  • Fix returning from snow globe for the first time now cleans the scale of BG to normal. Previously prevented direct travel without use of map.
  • Serializing weather
  • Improving windows device support for several videos
  • Clickable background improving support for weather.

Game Images

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