Heart Cage [Demo v2.0 + DLC] By ricelovecoffee

ricelovecoffee Games released a new game called Heart Cage and the version is Demo v2.0 + DLC. The game’s story is about Yandere x Otome x Mestery!! You are a detective who has just moved to a new town. You are involved in a serial killer case, and three mysterious residents (Or more?!) are approaching you! Don’t trust anyone! But… can you?

Developer: ricelovecoffee
File Size: 464.8 MB
Version: Demo v2.0 + DLC
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Demo 2
Heart Cage DLC – Before the War

Developer Notes:

  • ♥ custom name
  • ♥ 8k words(for demo)
  • ♥ 11 CGs (with one NSFW cg)
  • ♥ Fully voiced!
  • ♥ 3 love interests (more in the full version!)
  • ♥ You can choose both NSFW mode or SFW mode, SFW mode is safe for streaming!
  • ♥Available Languages: English (US), 繁體中文

Game Images & Screenshots


DLC – Before the War

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