Home for Wayward Travellers [v0.3] [Aegis]

Take on the role of house warden of the home for wayward travellers, a home for all those lost in time. It's your job to watch over them, keep them happy, and stop them from accidentally tearing apart the space time continuum. Building long lasting freindships and perhaps something more. But all may not be as simple as it seems, temporal anomalies are becoming more frequent and there may be something more sinister at work

Thread Updated: 2024-04-27
Release Date: 2024-03-30
Developer:  Aegis – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac.
Language: English
3DCG, Male Protagonist, Big Tits, Sandbox, Sci-fi, Animated, Oral Sex
1. Extract and run.
12 new quests for the main characters.
The proper introduction of all side characters with 12 new quests for them.
The new movement system previewed above, new locations including the downstairs pool and the time agency.
the first animated scenes (this was my first attempt at animation so they're not perfect but I intend to improve over time.)
a replay gallery. (thanks to badmustard for making his code available.)
and a fix to the bonus scene gallery
Unfortunatly due to some errors in the variables this update may require a fresh start to get everything. I appologise for this and will endevour to prevent such errors in the future.
Movement system:
The movement system has had a UI overhaul to make the system easier to use, non applicable directions are now greyed out and unclickable and hovering over a direction now tells you exactly where it will take you.
It should also be noted that if you wish to turn around in the rear hall you can do so by entering and then leaving the room on the right (bathroom or mc’s room) then leaving, this will drop you at the other end of the hall. I will watch for feedback on the update and possibly do an overhaul of the entire system in the future if needed.
New quest type, Random event:
These are events that don’t appear in the quest log and will trigger randomly once certain triggers are met. There are currently three in game. This may require a new save to function correctly, I apologise for any inconvenience and shall attempt to avoid the need for new saves in the future.
Quest Log outfits:
The first of the unlockable outfits in the quest log is now implemented and can be unlocked via one of the random quests. Once unlocked the outfit can be changed with the numbers below the character portrait.
Bonus gallery:
Added a gallery for bonus images that are unlocked by certain quests. Unfortunately it is currently bugged and won't unlock the images, I shall be continuing to work on this in future updates.
New location:
The upstairs of the house is now implemented and fully traversable, it can be accessed by moving forward when in the rear hall facing the stairs up. (downstairs should be added in the next build.)
Character Quests:
Each main character has 4 new quests with the exception of Yumi who has three as she had one extra in the first build making for 23 new character quests.
– Initial Release.
Developer Notes:
A couple of Things to note. First, This is my first game, and first time attempting anything like this, that includes coding rendering and writing.
Second. when in free roam and saves made will load at the beginning of the free roam section, I currently don't know how to change this but no actual progress is lost.
Third. All lesbian content is entirely aviodable and optional. -there are no interaction between love interests and other men.
Finally. This first build contains no sexual content, if that is all you're after i recomend waiting until the second or third build.

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