JPDE2 – Adagio Of Darkness [Ep. 2] [JPDE]

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In Episode 02, we get the conclusion of David’s and Sienna’s great escape from the Red Cliffs Waterway but things won’t go exactly as they did in the RPG Maker version of the game… The new engine and storytelling methods employed better suited another style of pacing and narration, so even veterans from the previous versions of JPDE2 will have something new to look at story-wise!

The biggest additions are systems-wise! Episode 02 features your first taste of a number of new menus and systems, from map exploration to quest logs to bestiaries and more. We’ve taken aboard feedback from many people who played Episode 01 and even added a menu that shall help you understand the new deck-building battle system better! More features and quality-of-life additions are coming in future releases, so stay tuned!

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And finally, I have started networking more closely with other talented content creators and fan-game developers in the RWBY community… And I might have convinced people to go along with a crazy idea I have had. You’ll see further details and a first peek at it by the end of January so: join us on Discord and our other Social Media accounts to not miss the announcements!

– Meinos Kaen

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