Life Adventures [v0.4.0] By NomadFunbite

NomadFunbite Games released a new game called Life Adventures and the version is 0.4.0. The game’s story is about This is a life simulation adult game. It is mostly text-based, the player interacts with the buttons available on the screen. This game generates random NPCs the player can talk with, hang out with or even have sex with. The player can find a job to make money, entertain themselves by going to the cinema, or get a better physique when going to the gym. The game is in an early stage of development.​

Developer: NomadFunbite
File Size: 63.5 MB
Version: 0.4.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • When creating a new game, relationships between NPCs attracted to each other will be randomly generated. It will be more difficult for the player to seduce NPCs who are married or in a serious relationship
  • The “Cheater” trait has been created. A NPC with this trait will have the same desire toward the player whether they are in a relationship or not.
  • The player can now ask a NPC if they are in a relationship. The NPC will lie if they have the Cheater” trait and are very attracted to the player.
  • The player can now ask a NPC to start a serious relationship. The player can also break up with a NPC they have a serious relationship with.
  • It is now only possible to call someone on the phone once a day.
  • The phone UI has been reworked.
  • The player will now occasionally receive text messages from contacts.
  • Fixed a game-crashing bug with the “Ask about sexual preferences” talk action.
  • -he game no longer stores a database file in appdata/local, it should prevent security alerts.

Developer Notes:

About NomadFunbite
I am developping an adult game called LifeAdventures. In this game you will have to make money and manage stats such as energy and happiness. You will be able to make friends, lovers or even enemies. Some of the NPCs are unique, others are randomly generated to offer a new experience everytime you launch the game !

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