Love & Vice [R13] By MakinWaves

MakinWaves Games released a new game called Love & Vice and the version is R13. The game’s story is about Shaken from the self-deprecating routine you embark on a journey to find your place in the world. It’s up to you to choose your path, and how you treat the people you meet along the way. Perhaps you want to be charming and irresistible to the ladies? Or do you simply want to twist them into your playthings?

This is a free roaming game with multiple paths to take, both personally as a character and how you decide to progress with love interests. Pursue a character romantically or corrupt them until they are willing to follow your every whim. Perhaps put in a little extra effort to do a mix of both. You’ll influence them through your daily interactions, progressively unlocking their story and inching yourself ever closer to the ultimate goal.

Developer: MakinWaves
File Size: 3.48 GB
Version: R13
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Release 13

  • Note: You may need to work a day at the office before everything starts triggering!
    I’m very sorry for the long wait. I had to dedicate a load of time to get my new game out, and I wanted to see the office job finished in it’s entirety.
  • Office Content
    New Office Story, bringing the job to a conclusion. Multiple story events with different routes and decisions (Consider backing up your save first) – Check the Office Goals, under the mc section, for details on requirements to start. (You may need to work a shift before it becomes available)
    New Department Upgrades, some from events and another purchased, bringing the department stats to their maximum
    NTR Bypass introduced for Atonia and Lydia, updated for Jen. You can now get all the event upgrades with NTR turned off. (You may need to work multiple days)
    Jen New Morale and Funds work tasks
    Jen semi secret ntr route event with implications for the future
    Lydia New Morale and Funds work tasks
    Lydia new MC Event
    Lydia Escorting – Available once you’ve maxed her prostitute stat via the gym events.
    Atonia New Morale and Funds work tasks, a bonus fund event available for certain office story decisions
    Atonia MC events
    Atonia Escorting
  • Misc
    Touched up the goal screen for various characters at various stages. Fixed some incorrect info, and locked/completion marks should be more consistant
    Small activity description displays for Atonia’s Apartment
    Added pregnancy notification in character settings page
    Fixed Jen Rent pay events not giving reward points as advertised
    Fixed a bug with Lydia progression becoming stuck when mixing cheat and normal progression. Thanks to Ray5483 for the report!
    Fixed a bug with jen clothing cheat, preventing progress on the lewd path
    Fixed some visual info bugs, thanks to crazy221 for the report and save file!

Developer Notes:

BUGS: If you experience a bug please post about it in the thread, giving as much detail about when it occurred and the circumstances. If you can, make a save where the bug occurs (save to disk option at bottom of save window) and attach it to your post.

Game Images & Screenshots

: Love & Vice R13.7z – 3.5 GB
Patch Only (R12.5/6 -> R13): Love & Vice R13 PATCH ONLY.7z – 248.5 MB
Extra: Love & Vice R12.5 start save.7z – 53 KB


Extra: R12.5 Start Save File MEGA – R12.5 Start Save File Mediafire 

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