Love & Vice [R13] [MakinWaves]

Apologies for the long wait for this update. There was a lot to get done with the stripclub on top of the typical jen content.

*** Jen Content ***

– A new love and lewd level

– 2 Story Events per route

– New daily actions (Some R2 content is reused, but marked with the lighter coloured links )

– New Modelling Job content (both porn and non porn, depending on what you chose – check the character settings to switch between the two)

– New Office Assistant content

– A new job :slight_smile: (see: stripclub)

– Clothing Stage content (the levelling up etc) is now finished on the lewd path, but continues in a new form as follows

– New Sex Shop mechanic – Once you max out her clothing level, you can unlock an online store from which you can buy special outfits and other items. These unlock new events. There’s only a couple outfits for now, and the sex toys aren’t really functional. But this store will play a bigger role in the coming content.

– New Special Extra Stats, Stripper, Prostitute and anal – Limited functionality for now, but will control access to coming content. There a couple events that give experience in these levels, but I’d suggest you don’t bother grinding them just yet 😉

– New Extra stat button in the side bar for jen’s new stats

– New Finance control system – Those on the lewd path can now take control of the household finances. This gives access to a couple events where you can pay her for sexual favours. Currently limited, but will play a key role in future content.

*** Stripclub Update ***

– You can now become manager of the stripclub, either by progressing from the Jason job route or through the new multi-job system

– Features management gameplay similar but different to the office manager content

– Strip club promotion event – allows you to purchase a car (60 rev cap (just cap, you don’t need the 60 rev), 30 morale, 15 appeal)- the car itself currently doesn’t do anything (ran out of time) but will unlock some jen content in a future update, office job will be getting one of these as well in a future update

– Jen can be recruited to work at the strip club, req: 2 lewd level (embracing) & clothing stage 6 (no stripper content yet, just as a waitress) – as is typical, you can find the offer link when you are eating with her

– Bunch of Jen Stripclub content, similar to the office manager you can get her to help out with your stat increases, or just mess around with her personally

– Mel Stripclub content – Mel plays a big role in the club, and as such has a number of events similar to Jen

– Mel Progress – You can now start working on Mel’s love/lewd stats. They cap out pretty early, and there is not much reason to, but you can start the process regardless for the coming content. You do get some text messages once you get enough points in either love or lewd. More to come!

*** Office Job Changes ***

Those of you with ntr turned off can now automatically be awarded the morale/fund cap increases Jen’s events provide, so you aren’t forced to do that stuff to progress. Simply make sure ntr is toggled off, and level up her love or lewd level and you should automatically receive whatever cap increases are appropriate for those levels. Apologies this took so long 🙂 (Stripclub will be getting a similar system at some point)

*** Multi-job System ***

-Those of you on the office manager path can also become the stripclub manager once reaching 45 department performance, this is optional. It allows you to do the stripclub content in the evenings alongside your typical day job (basically you have access to both)

– Features a small intro, through I would say you won’t get the full story/context of the stripclub without going down the Jason job route.

– Stripclub manager will be getting a similar ability some time soon, allowing them to become the office manager.

*** Misc Stuff ***

– some edits to jen’s stat display in the side bar, including a new button to display the extra stats added this release

– some of the random misc repeated dialog for various parts of the game have been updated to be more appropriate at this progression level

– new clothing stage cheat for patrons, allows you to skip over buying outfits and grinding the levels (up to the maximum for jen’s current love/lewd level), cheat code also changed

– compressed some of the assets to cut down the total file size

*** Bug fixes ***

– Fixed a bug where players can get locked out of progress on the love route by skipping outfits using the lewd route progression method, thanks for lusteh for the save file!

fixed a bug with the reward request outfit menu not appearing correctly, thanks to PyoT for reporting!

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