Luna Reloaded [v0.13] [Frozen Synapse]

In this update, Luna has to find a way to free the Raven’s believers whom the baron unjustly imprisoned.

There are a few ways of doing that.

1 Through Mordred.

You can either ‘convince Jirvah to apologize’ and then ‘Push her to apologize’ (this opens the submissive training for Jirvah)

Or Luna can apologize to Mordred herself (this opens the bimbo training for Luna if she fails to resist Mordred’s compulsion/hypnosis)

2 Luna can follow her other self’s advice and go directly to Sheridan’s mansion.

(This is an alternative option, but it’s not suggested since you are not going to see the content with Mordred)

In either case, Luna will go to Sheridan’s Mansion to pin the assassination attempt on Sheridan.

First, she will have to get past the guards. In order to do that, she can either knock them out or pretend that she is a hooker till the end(she gives them a blowjob)


Keep in mind that if she fails to knock them out(The dominance required is 10), she will be forced to give the guards a blowjob, and the mission will fail.

After getting past the guards,

Convince the dumb servant (No requirements)

Luna gives the servant a handjob and convinces him to testify against his master.

Convince(bribe) the smart servant (30 coins requirement)

Convince(intimidate) the smart servant. (10 dominance requirement)

In the end, if Luna succeeds, the Raven’s believers get released.

If Luna pushed Jirvah to apologize, you will get the option to start ‘training her.’

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