Lust Harem [v0.36] [Xiongmao] – F95zone


  • Asara gym
  • After burning event (optional)
  • Eileen (story 6, optional schemes event and repeat)
  • Mizu the Cat hide and seek with her cats
  • Monika & friend
  • Varess
  • Willow story 6
  • Willow China


  • added an outline to character names in dialogue window for better clarity
  • changed history screen text spacing


  • -the music selection screen is now hidden after exiting the burger minigame if Johanna is off
  • -fixed seduction party gallery error when going into music selection screen



  • fixed Isa reunion event not unlocking for people who broke up with her
  • changed default hero’s name
  • changed delete save icon location


  • -fixed conjured gun bug caused by inventory fix. Items will have to be requipped
  • -added extra mastery check when using scrolls
  • -added phantasmal torment to learnable spells – Magda
  • -fixed Natalie & Kate showing up as pregnant after giving birth


  • fixes an issue with inventory for old saves. Items will have to be requipped though


  • fixed issues with inventory & equipping items when rolling back
  • rollback is now enabled after equipping items
  • fixed Helen not showing up in the afternoon
  • fixed memory minigame, basic, hard difficulty


  • fixed fire shield reducing fire resistance when the spell is removed
  • fixed Isabella’s location not being set back to home after the reunion event
  • added 9 day event delay to Kate’s pregnancy, between parts 3 & 4
  • fixed Fabiana charging double for the flute
  • fixed music screen not disappearing after playing burger minigame
  • fixed Asuka’s name being displayed during foursome with Anisa
  • added music to Isa’s reunion event
  • fixed Endemica’s events not starting for people startign the game from 0 (new saves)
  • adjusted dialogue about taking off chort’s armor during the AsaraHero home party
  • fixed Mizu the fox park quickie being accessible one event too early
  • fixed illusion of weakness condition error
  • fixed rat summons disappearing too quickly
  • fixed Isabella scene in party arena free roam, playing route


A smaller update with focus on main story loose ends and side characters. Also some UI improvements.


  • after-harem event (requires attending party)
  • Anisa & Magda (requires completing Magda’s story in China)
  • Asara9a (eggs story)
  • Endemica (story 1, 2 & repeat)
  • Isabella reunion (for people who broke up or had her fooled)
  • Kate (after pregnancy event)
  • Mizuki Christmas special (purchase present to start)

This update you get to sleep with: Anisa, Asara, Endemica, Isabella (new scenes added to her repeat), Kate, Magda, Mizuki


  • added missing gallery entries for Asara doggy repeat & Eileen beach sex
  • added spell presets to spellbook
  • added tooltips to equipped items
  • inventory optimization (reduced lag, runs much smoother now), improved selected and hovered item transparency
  • improved character info & settings screen (replaced textbuttons)
  • battle minigame: improved overlay and player selection. Pressing spacebar will now end the player’s turn
  • battle minigame: improved status message system
  • improved main menu music definition
  • removed no longer used persistent variables from gallery
  • gallery & glossary transparency improvements. The selected character is now highlighted
  • gallery: unlocked entries number will update on opening the gallery, instead of game start. Also minor unlocking optimization
  • added 1 new song to 1in3 burger minigame. Added music selection screen too
  • updated renpy to 7.6.3
  • fixed android UI issues


  • fixed and updated cheat codes
  • fixed magic missile targeting issues with enemy summons
  • fixed Magda’s event trigger issues in China when selecting to see Varess later. This change is not backwards compatible
  • fixed talismans not being useable in the buff screen


  • Christmas wallpaper has been updated (improved animations and looks)
  • story12 necromancer part

EDIT: The android hotfixed version fixes the glossary error.


  • fixed error in removing demonic shield
  • fixed monster errors that had no skills and used plain attack only
  • fixed player characters being unable to use skills when the party had 8 people in it
  • fixed the sacrifical set not adding/removing hp/mp
  • fixed Willow’s hint saying to proceed with Asara’s story when all events were finished that affected older saves


  • fixed rat flute errors
  • fixed all possible event trigger issues
  • fixed a few event hints (fairies, beach drink and others)
  • fixed issues with second fight in story21 if hero exposed Anisa
  • fixed some dialogue if the player chose to drug the guys but didn’t go through with it
  • fixed ‘all minions attack’ not removing monsters
  • fixed sewer boss error when she was hit with a condition
  • fixed issues with Alzheimer’s thievery and grid overflow


  • added missing story21 trigger for Asuka


  • fixed missing .vfx (visual effect) errors for potions that affected people on older saves
  • fixed missing image tags for girls in the arena
  • script and combat improvements for battle in the arena against the seduction girl


  • fixed .sidestory errors for older saves
  • fixed .activeconds errror for people who played before 0.27 but not 0.27
  • fixed event triggers for people who played 0.27 version
  • fixed Erika not showing up for certain older saves
  • fixed harem route orgy characters selection, which would lock out some animations. Feel free to check the gallery if you already completed the event



Asara (8a, orgy strategy meeting)

Asuka (7a)

Burger manager repeats and pregnancy (1, 2,3, regular and pregnancy repeats)

Ichika (Asu’s mom)

story20 – minor branching

story21 -giant event with 1247 scenes, the seduction circle party, many animations and it’s own free roam mode. It includes most of the game’s characters

story22 -after event for story 21 (optional, depending on your choices)

Varess (story 5)


new skills: bleeding love, mindless love, stone prison

new event hint and trigger system. Glossary hints should give better info about what story you need to proceed with and how many days one needs to wait

it is now possible to break an event loop and jump back home

added new items to Adult Tadpole: sacrifical set, hp/mp potions, scrolls of healing

new talismans for enemy mages

added Asara sleepover

new location: school (any content is to come)

added naming to saves and option to delete them

updated Renpy to 7.6.0

learning spells that the player already knew and unlearnt will now cost 0€

added potion cheat code for supporters

added black outlines to location, time and money stats in free roam mode for better visibility in bright locations

added option to change the player’s name

added ‘last event’ information to main character’s glossary

added a few visual effects to spells

redone how conditions are applied and removed

added ‘lesbiant content’ setting to fetishes


fixed a few typos in dialogue

fixed inventory tooltip not disappearing when inventory is closed by changing location

added sfx to katana item

fixed Susan gallery error

fixed Henry Goldswindle not fighting Anisa in battle wargame if the hero is fighting Anisa because of Mia-Bella spat

fixed shrink and enlarge spells vfx errors

Kraepelin clones fixes (losing inventory, minions being unable to attack)

tail strike (used by manticore) is now missable


burger manager first time event

redone first wallpaper

updated Iroha “Locker heat” gallery entry image

Eileen story2


  • added missing Matilda gallery entry
  • added Susan and Eliz quickie gallery entries
  • Henry will now reteach titus exposus should the player unlearn it
  • gallery fixes. The gallery should refresh better and have less issues with missing entries
  • minor glossary improvements (throwing away pointless code)
  • added cheat codes for supporters
  • fixed grammar and spelling
  • gallery: updated Eliz handjob image
  • fixed Eliz repeat triggers
  • slightly tweaked Isabella’s wallpaper and added an animated version
  • fixed gallery slideshow errors
  • fixed Eileen yoga repeat trigger




Pretty much fixes only. If you’re playing the PC 0.20 version, you can simply download the 0.20 to 0.21 7mb file and extract it to your main game directory (where the exe file is located), make sure to overwrite any files.


  • Adult Toadpole shop now properly restocks store each day
  • cure poison: player will no longer take damage from poison after curing it. In addition, the potion also reduces damage from poison (used to simply increase resistance to it)
  • added regeneration stats to character inventory
  • added name tooltips to glossary
  • fixed missing scenes in witcher laptop replay. This will need improving in the future
  • fixed Asara spawning in the library when she’s supposed to be in the dorms
  • sewer dungeon: early on when Asara is still in library at evening, selecting a map and canceling before doing any combat would take the player to the dorms. This is now fixed
  • fixed crashes/errors saying ‘currentplayer’ has no name attribute. This was caused by skipping, and in some cases the text under combatlog not changing properly
  • fixed missing sfx error on conjured skeletons
  • minor improvements to Willow story4 dialogue
  • improved enemy counterattack on touch spells
  • fixed a rare error that may have popped up during damage calculation for monsters
  • casting titus exposus during arena event will no longer cause issues with music (flies sound effect)
  • changed locations positioning on map for better clarity
  • improved character icons positioning on map for better clarity
  • fixed Helen animation in repeat
  • equipping an item for the first time could cause an error if this is the first item ever the player used


  • 2 short conversations with shopkeepers
  • Asuka 5a
  • Bernadette 1,2,3
  • guard office award
  • Helen 5, 6
  • Mizuki (cat) 3
  • Mizuki (fox) 6
  • Willow 5
  • Varess laptop
  • Repeats: Asara (Halloween outfit), Asuka, Helen, Isabella (ninja outfit), Susan

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