Lust Village [v0.65] [Mr.C] – F95zone

You take on the role of James (name changeable) in this game; in the past, you were bullied and thought of as a loser, and your parents abandoned you after their divorce.
When you come back after five years, you have undergone significant change and are no longer the “loser.” Will you follow the path of love or corrupt your family?
The decision is up to you start right now!

Thread updated: 2024-04-21

Release Date: 2024-04-20

Censored: No

Version: 0.65

OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

Language: English



3dcg, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption, Groping, Incest, Male Protagonist, Management, Masturbation, Milf, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Point & Click, Sandbox, Voyeurism




1- Extract to desired location.

2- Click on “Lustvillage.exe” to start playing.







Vivian’s new level costumes

Vivian’s new night scene

Vivian’s new shower scene

Vivian’s new shooting scene

Vivian’s new breakfast scene

Vivian’s new pool scene

Vivian’s new date scene

Vivian’s new changing scene

Vivian’s Lustgram update and various conversation updates

Elena’s new level costumes

Elena’s new wake-up call scene

Elena’s new kitchen scene

Elena’s hospital event for new level

Elena’s new bathroom scene

Elena’s new changing scene

Elena’s new night scene

Elena’s new breakfast scene

Elena’s new yoga scene (2 animations)

Elena’s new pool scene (1 animation)

Elena’s new date scene

Elena’s new night bathroom scene

Elena’s new office scene

New character Dr. Selena Intro scene in hospital

Some bug fixed





  • Linda new level costumes
  • Linda new massage room contact scene
  • Linda new <Action> menu <Massage>
  • Linda new jerk-off scenes in the MC’s room at Dad’s house
  • Linda new living room event scenes
  • Linda new kitchen event scenes in the morning and at night
  • Linda and Vivian new Breakfast scenes
  • Linda new delivery event scenes in the morning
  • Linda new shower scenes
  • Linda new date scenes
  • Linda new pool scenes
  • Linda new Peeping event in the pool
  • Linda added gallery and lust-gram
  • Lisa new level costumes
  • Lisa new menu <take class together> in the auditorium
  • Lisa new cheerleading event scene
  • Lisa new toilet scene
  • Clara added literature class event
  • Lina added Work event scene in Chinese restaurant
  • Mrs. Moore added Help event scene in clothing shop
  • Mrs. Moore new event scene with Mrs. Miller in clothing shop




<v0.55 Features>

– Audrey new level outfits

– Audrey changing clothes scene

– Audrey pool scene

– Audrey sleeping scene

– Audrey new gym scenes

– Audrey sauna scene

– Audrey date scene

– Audrey new living room scenes (After meeting her friend on her date)

– Audrey new lust-gram picture

– Added new story line

– Added new characters <Ivy, Melissa, Natalia>

– Ivy art class events

– Melissa library events

– Natalia school pool events

– Camilla home event in her apartment

– Emma new level outfit

– Emma confession scenes

– Emma booty-call scene

– Tina new level outfit

– Tina office scenes

– Tina class scene

– Tina web-cam scene

– Mrs. Brown new level out

– Mrs. Brown game event in her apartment

– Mrs. Brown market prize scene




Grace new level outfits

Grace’s change of clothes scene

Grace Toilet Scene

New Grace’s Living Room Event Added

Grace’s Sleeping Scene

Grace’s new dating scene

Grace’s New Swimming Pool Scene

Additional kitchen appearance scene and Lustgram

Elena’s New Yoga Scene

Elena’s New Pool Scene

Elena’s New Date Scene

Elena’s new sleeping scene

Elena’s new bathroom pee scene

Elena’s new wake-up call scene

Elena’s new kitchen scene

Elena’s new kitchen scene and below the dining table scene

Elena’s outfit change scene

Elena’s added office scene

Elena’s New Bathroom Scene

Camilla’s New Costume Unlock

Camilla’s new booty-call scene

Camilla’s New Office Scene





– Nora’s new outfits

– Nora’s new kitchen event

– Nora’s new living room event

– Nora’s new pool event

– Nora’s new toilet event

– Nora’s new art gallery event

– Nora’s new date event

– Nora’s new sleeping event

– Nora’s new clothes change event

– Clara’s new class event

– New characters (Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Moore) Intro : Start in the boys’ room at school

– Mrs. Moore clothing shop event

– Mrs. Miller home event

– Mrs. Miller booty call


Lust Village v0.40



– Sophia lv2 new outfit

– Sophia game play event scene in her room

– Sophia new sleep event scene

– Sophia new bathroom event scene

– Sophia new changing scene

– Sophia new event scene with her friends at the mall

– Sophia new pool event scene

– Sophia new wake-up call scene

– Sophia new toilet scene at night

– Sophia new breakfast event scene

– Sophia new date scene

– Added Sophia’s Lust-gram

– Added Sophia’s gallery

– New movie-watching event scene in the living room

– Mrs. Jackson new story (police station event)

– Mrs. Jackson booty-call scene

– Nora (Aunt) new living-room event scene

– Nora new sleep event scene

– New character Clara (literature teacher) introduction scene





– Elena’s new apron outfit

– New wake-up scene from Elena

– Elena’s new kitchen scene

– Diana’s new jogging outfit and additional jogging scenes

– Diana’s new shower scene

-Diana added a scene where she changes her clothes.

– Added Diana’s new swimsuit and new pool scene

– Added Diana’s new pajama and new sleep scene

– Diana watching new TV in the living room

– Added Diana’s new date outfit and date scene

– Added new Diana nurse costume and hospital scene

– Diana new night bathroom scene

– Diana’s new casual wear and new wake-up scene

– Add breakfast scene

<Introduction of new sub characters>

Lina: The story starts in the school auditorium.

Mrs. Jeong: After meeting Lina at a Chinese restaurant

Nia: Starting as a police officer at the police station after Elena’s night park event

Mrs. Jackson: After meeting Nia, the story begins at the park on a weekday night.

– Lina’s 1st Chinese restaurant event

– Mrs. Jeong Chinese restaurant event

– Many scene reworks and minor bug fixes, new sub character





– Elena new movie event in the living room at night

– Elena Reworked dating scenes and new date scenes

– Elena new date out fit

– New character Mrs. Brown (Kevin’s mother)

: Talk with Kevin in the classroom and unlock his house

– Mrs. Brown basic interface

– Mrs. Brown home event

– Mrs. Brown market event in the mall

– Tina (Principal) new event scenes in her office

– Tina basic interface

– Tina webcam event in MC’s computer

– Tina classroom event

– Lisa Gym Warehouse Event

– Lisa basic interface

– Lisa School Toilet Entrance event

– Lisa cheer-leading event

– Camilla new office event

– Camilla basic interface

– Camilla home event

-Emma Weekend church confession event

– Added Booty Call system (You can use the cell phone now)

: You can also see the Lust level of the sub-characters.

– Camilla booty call

– Emma booty call





– Linda Bathroom scene

– Linda Pool scene

– Linda night kitchen scene

– Linda Living room event scene

– Linda Date scene

– Linda Task added

– Added Linda gallery in MC’s computer

– Added Linda Lustgram in MC’s computer

– Vivian basic interface

– Vivian Bathroom scene

– Vivian Pool scene

– Vivian night scene in her room

– Vivian clothes change scene

– Vivian taking picture scene

– Vivian Date scene

– Added Vivian gallery in MC’s computer

– Added Vivian Lustgram in MC’s computer

– Elena New level clothes (Normal, swim suit, Yoga, Lingerie)

– Elena New Toilet scene

– Elena New Pool scene

– Elena New sleeping scene

– Elena New Bathroom scene

– Elena New Scenes from her office in downtown

– Elena New Yoga scene

– Elena New Kitchen scene

– Rework Elena Scenes (Pool, Yoga, Breakfast event, night)

– Added changing scene and mom’s diary

– Some bug fixed





– Nora basic interface (conversation, wardrobe, action settings, etc)

– Nora Toilet scene

– Nora Pool scene

– Nora peek scene at changing clothes

– Nora Kitchen scene

– Nora Living room event scene

– Nora sleeping scene

– Nora Art Gallery scene

– Nora Date scene

– Added Nora gallery in MC’s computer

– Audrey basic interface (conversation, wardrobe, action settings, etc)

– Audrey Toilet scene

– Audrey Pool scene

– Audrey sleeping scene

– Audrey peek scene at changing clothes

– Audrey Sauna scene in the fitness club

– Audrey Date scene

– Added Audrey gallery in MC’s computer

– Grace basic interface (conversation, wardrobe, action settings, etc)

– Grace Toilet scene

– Grace Pool scene

– Grace sleeping scene

– Grace peek scene at changing clothes

– Grace Date scene

– Elena Scenes from her office in downtown

– Camilla (New Character) scene from Elena’s office

– Added Lust-gram to MC’s computer

– Some bug fixed (such as Sophia’s bathroom scene, etc)





– Elena Date event (Possible after park event at night)

– Diana Date event (After meeting Diana at the cafe part-time job, the event will be held at the shopping mall)

– Sophia Date event (First event held at a shopping mall)

– Added Elena Yoga scene

– Added Elena Kitchen scene

– Added Elena toilet scene

– Added Diana toilet scene

– Added Sophia toilet scene

– Added Elena wake-up Task scene

– Added Diana wake-up Task scene

– Added Sophia wake-up Task scene

– Added Audrey’s Intro Scene at Auntie’s House (New place: a fitness club)

– Added Linda Intro Scene in the Fitness Club Massage Room (Linda Basic Menu)

– Proceed with the main quest – after learning magic at the library (Emma Basic Menu)

– Fixed some bugs and adjust character status acquisition

– added a scene when using magic to characters

– Characters’ status descriptions appear differently depending on the stats (Linda and Vivian windows added)




* Underground warehouse location added to the kitchen

* Add book discovery to the warehouse (now you can corrupt women with hypnosis magic)

* Test scene to mom

* Once you find a book, you can use magic in your room, sister’s room, or mother’s room during the fourth time (dust).

* Increases Corruption +10 by pressing Magic

* You can cast up to 3 times a day

* If you wake up, reset three times

* Magic is available in the school principal’s office until morning, noon and afternoon (when there is a principal)

* Add kitchen event

* Living room / older sister, mother, younger sister event added

* Lisa hypnosis added

* School Locker Lisa event added

* Added principal hypnosis event




This update focused on adding more places and characters. Events will be added in the next update




-Gallery system

-Internet lecture for camera skill in computer

-New place Fast-food restaurant (You can earn money)

-New place Studio (You can earn money by camera skill)

-Elena clothes changing scene by love level

-Elena shower scene by love level

-Elena rival scene

-Elena studio scene (The change of photograph according to the degree of corruption)

-Sophia clothes changing scene by love level

-Sophia shower scene by love level

-Sophia homework scene

-Sophia swimming scene

-Diana clothes changing scene by love level

-Diana shower scene by love level

-Diana rival scene

-Addition of some other scenes

v0.003 Demo

– I added save and load to the settings.

– Load Bug fixed

– UI image fixed

v0.002 Demo (Bug Fixed)

-Principal Bug Fixed

-Shop item Bug Fixed

-Lisa Dress room Bug Fixed



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