Lust’s Cupid [v0.7.3] [Dinotonte]

Lust's Cupid, a 2D sex simulation game

Thread Updated: 2024-02-19
Release Date: 2024-02-16
Developer: Dinotonte Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
2d game, simulator, oral sex, character customization, big tits, animated
1. Extract and run.
New Features
WAIFU WARS winner, Albedo!
HUBBY WARS winner, Spike!
From 0.7.2
New help interface
New music
Bug Fixes
Fixed ATWT mouth masking
Adjusted skirt shape during inflation
Fixed choker on seme bending issue
Fixed coloring issues on 2b
Fixed anal inflation in cowgirl
Added a vagina disable option
Fixed the preview on one of the chokers
Fixed sorting on xray cum
Improved bangs physics
HUBBY WARS winner, Astolfo!
WAIFU WARS winner, Delta!
From v0.7.0
Infinite Cumflation! – Activate it in the left-hand side Gameplay menu!
Bug Fixes
Added Tummy Bulges toggle option
Fixed tongue piercings disappearing
Fixed trunk tattoo missing
Fixed mouse over placement next to cursor
Fixed throat bulge distortion
Fixed Esdeath and Megumin hairs
Fixed Seme forearm clothing position
Optimized all sprites
Fixed hair previews
Fix equipment component reloading multiple times
New Features
Infinite Cumflation! – Activate it in the left-hand side Gameplay menu!
Bug Fixes
Fixed Esdeath and Megumin hairs
Fixed Seme forearm clothing position
Optimized all sprites
Fixed hair previews
Fix equipment component reloading multiple times
New Features
WAIFU WARS winner, Yoruichi!
HUBBY WARS winner, Solid Snake!
CHARACTER WARS winner, Ancel!
From v0.6.8
Tummy Bulges!
Christmas outfits, check Momo and friends!
Bug Fixes
Fixed hand sorting during masturbation
Centered camera on characters in Cowgirl/Reverse-Cowgirl
Improved front boob physics
Improved alignment on a few UI elements
Improved icons in Character Creation
Improved UI colors on most layouts
Fixed Esdeath's Cleavage
Fixed Esdeath as Seme
Fixed Vergil as Seme
Fixed Main Menu background alignment
Fixed preview for tongue piercings
Fixed bending data on chokers
Fixed previews on many customizables
Fixed placement for wrists accessories
Fixed color scheme on Aqua's gloves
Fixed Back Hair unequipping
Fixed Milk starting thickness
Fixed Seme's rear forearm movement in Cowgirl
Fixed Penis entry point in Cowgirl
New Features
WAIFU WARS winner, Esdeath
HUBBY WARS winner, Vergil
Character Wars winner, Leah
From v0.6.6
Pregnancy and fertilization!
Added fur patterns as tattoo options!
Option to add tattoos to breasts
Added text color customization to Character  Creation
Bug Fixes
Fixed Main Menu's background responsiveness at 21:9
Improved x-ray distortion during vaginal penetration on Doggystyle
Improved colors and text size in the Fertilization UI
Improved camera starting position on scenes
Fixed Resistance being stuck when manually setting it to 0
Fixed arousal gauge locks disappearing
Fixed with dress mesh distribution
Improved dialogue windows
Fixed color assignment on Character Creation UI
New Features
Pregnancy and fertilization!
Added fur patterns as tattoo options!
Option to add tattoos to breasts
Added text color customization to Character  Creation
Bug Fixes
Fixed Resistance being stuck when manually setting it to 0
Fixed arousal gauge locks disappearing
Fixed with dress mesh distribution
Improved dialogue windows
Fixed color assignment on Character Creation UI
WAIFU WARS winner, Shantae!
CHARACTER WARS winner, Neytiri by Blood Fang!
Slime characters!
New tattoos
Updated backgrounds
Bald hair options
From v0.6.4
Bug Fixes
Fixed issue when undressing characters using quickmenu
Fixed boobs shape at 0
Fixed sorting issue with cum and squirt particles
Fixed issues with save characters transitioning from furry to human
Fixed tooltips bleeding into dialogue scenes in Story Mode
Improved Main Menu layout
Improved our logo!
Improved loading screen
Fixed many issues in our Story Mode texts
Fixed dialogue windows disappearing in Story Mode
Fixed hitbox issue on our UI drop-downs
Fixed dropplets colors in cum-behind fx
Fixed many sound issues
New Features
August's WAIFU WARS winner, Mirko!
August's Character Wars winner, Guu by SamboDaHambo!
Seme improvements (animations, sprites, fixes)!
New male and female voice acting!
Bug Fixes
Fixed hair back desync
Improved Aqua hair gradient
Fixed story mode new saves softlock
Fixed moaning on vibrators
Ball sprite improved with more details
Added knees to BJ (seme)
Increased shoulder and bicepses sizes on larger scales
Improved resting hand sprite with better angle (seme)
Improved head grab hand on BJ (seme)
Fixed eye targeting on all scenes
Added orgasm expressions (seme)
Improved idle animation (seme)
Fixed butt sprite on all scenes (seme)
Fixed arm thickness sync when changing arm position on BJ (seme)
Fixed tattoo sync when changing arm position
Fixed hair length resetting on position changes/character loading
New Features
– July's WAIFU WARS winner, Aqua!
– Anal! (With experimental All-The-Way-Through)
– Experimental penis length 5x (type new size manually into field)
Bug Fixes
– Added option to disable tears
– Solved an issue where cum particles would be stuck on throat
– Cumshots don't go out through the mouth when ATWT is not active
– Prevented certain physics artifacts from penetration
– Adjusted cum color in xray
– Make cum follow breathing when stuck to body
– Fixed breast size always starting at 0 after loading characters
– Fixed display issue with small breasts
New Features
– June's Waifu Wars winner!
– Cum and Milk improvements and customization options!
– Improvements to scene animations.
Bug Fixes (v0.5.10 and v0.5.9)
– Fixed an issue where fluids would not follow uke's breathing in bj
– Fixed color for shirts
– Fixed issue with arms behind the back and gloves in BJ
– Fixed mesh issue with sports panties
– Fixed head jittering in BJ
– Fixed seme structure in Reverse CG
– Fixed dresses breast area clipping with camera movement
– Improved lipstick placement
– Brought x-ray to the forefront of everything in CG and Reverse CG
– Fixed issue with nipples not appearing behind bunny suit
– Fixed artifact on sports bra
– Fixed dress bra area disappearing
– Improved reaction time of characters to cum hits
New Features
– 2b!
Bug Fixes
– Improved skirts mechanics
– Fixed tongues with mismatching names
– Fixed head shapes with mismatching names
– Adjusted standard characters nipples and areolas
– Improved lip sprites, removing a rogue shadow
– Changed tattoos default color to black
– Fixed wrist accessories placement during pass out
– Fixed uke shoes offset on bj scene
– Improved bunnygirl ears preview
– Fixed seme eyeshadows on doggystyle
– Fixed shibari and bondage harnesses meshes
– Fixed pubic sprite for furry body types
– Fixed breathing desync on doggystyle
– Improved nipple piercing placement on uke
Thank you so much for your support, we hope you enjoy this update!
New Features
– Reverse Cowgirl
– Hypersizes
– New sliders for customization, including eyebrows, head and arms sizes
– Regular and muscular variants for all body types
– 12 new tattoos
– Tattoo color system
Bug Fixes
– Fixed autovomit not working properly
– Fixed mouth desync during blowjob
– Fixed tear sprite appearing outside of eyes
– Fixed bras on male torso
– Improved many previews on Character Creation
– Fixed butt sprite on doggystyle moving on its own
– Fixed tattoos being duplicated on belly
– Fixed cheek cosmetics not working on the blowjob scene
– Fixed some vibrators interacting at the wrong angle
– Merged scenery and ambience menus
– Fixed coloring on beast noses
– Added a "none" vagina option for male characters
– Fixed seme's neck position on doggystyle
– Fixed hat rear sprites appearing behind curtain
– Added hats for seme characters
– Fixed seme tail not moving during blowjob
– Many small visual fixes
New Features
– Megumin!
(Look for her save in the Community Character Saves tab)
Bug Fixes
– Fixed knee sprites on cowgirl
– Fixed sorting order on cowgirl
– Fixed hair physics on cowgirl
New Features
– Cowgirl!
Bug Fixes
– Fixed butt position
– Fixed pants sorting for bj seme
– Fixed pants and leggings on bj seme sprites and sorting
– Fixed blowjob seme short hair sorting
– Fixed Sakura's eye color
– Fixed blowjob seme neck position
– Fixed cuffs sorting on bj
– Fixed hands jittering in some arm positions
– Fixed black background on fresh save
– Fixed mouth bugged in bj
– Swapped story / sandbox positions
– Fixed spacing icons on the left
– Fixed hands floating seme bj
– Fixed hair collision overall & with shoulder in bj
– Fixed tears on loading characters
– Fixed iris vertical / horizontal line stretch
– Fixed iris changing when equipping new eyes
– Fixed loading seme in autopilot
New Features
– Ako's first chapter!
– Objectives system
– Improved backgrounds
Bug Fixes and Tweaks
– Story scene fetish manager
– Fixed sex toy controls hidding issue
– Revised default values for scene settings
– Socket tool update for easier poses
– Preview color fix for leggings
– Fixed display artifact on certain mobile devices
– Fixed camera control shortcut issue
New Features
– New accessories!
— Masks
— Wrist bands
From v0.4.9
New Features
– Story Intro!
– Added black borders for ultra wide screens in main menu
– Data structure for the cinematics
Tweaks and Bug Fixes
– Pass out for longer based on performance duration
– Shortcut to switch hands to free
– Uke now doesn't pass out at the mouth entrance
New Features
– Sex toys! Vibrator, nipple vibrators and anal vibrator
– Grab tool, experimental, currently grabs largest boobs
– BDSM and Shibari harnesses
– New title screen
Bug Fixes
– Fixed focus UI appearing in blowjob scene
– Improve renaming Enums system
– Rename personalities
– Tools integration with autopilot
– Fixed a fade in/out volume bug for sounds
– Add tool switching shortcuts to Settings UI
– Fixed control seme and uke in main menu
– Fixed mouseover above story map window
– Fixed animal nose coloring
– Fixed inverted nipples
– Made color text font size adapt
– Fixed Piercing position after rapid changes
– Adjusted tongue piercing position
– Fixed background stacking when moving through scenes
– Fixed sleeves cleaning with UI dress state
– Holiday Clothing
– Contact lenses (graphic iris options)
– Town Map preview!
– Shirts updated with arm piece
– Dialogue Import/Export Tool
Lipstick smearing on penis
Goblin assets
Torn shirt and leggings
– Tongue and tongue piercing options
– Eye scale and position tweaks
– New hairstyles
– Male nipples
– New settings window with keybinding
– Doggystyle xray inflation and filling particles
– Cow characters and assets
– Gloves
– Nipple piercing
– Bald/none hairstyle options
– Vagina lips customization with working enlargement
New Features
– Doggystyle xray
– Chokers and basic choker snap interaction
– A few revised and improved animations for both scenes
– Doggystyle! Switch scenes using the icon on the left hand side menu
– Improved back hair sprite
– Improved hair physics on Blowjob scene
– Improved Neck sprite
– Hair colors fixed
– Wolf, dog and bunny character bodies and assets.
– Canine and horse type penises.
– Existing clothes adapted for the seme.
– Basic character scaling.
Tweaks and Fixes
– New swallowing sound.
– Hair physics rework.
– Areolas and nipples placement fix.
– Improved breast physics.
– Breast softness slider.
– Updated eyes, eyebrows and irises art and overall behavior!
– Eye coloring!
– Underwear added, with 3 different alternatives for tops and bottoms.
– Balls size slider, also no balls option.
– Stomach added to x-ray! It's optional, so you can choose to hide it as well.
– Improved throat art with more responsive texture.
Tweaks and Fixes
– Improved bending for long hairstyles.
– New Hairstyle System!
– 12 new hair pieces to choose from;
– Revised existing hair pieces, totalling 25 hair pieces available to try out, arguably allowing for 144+ different combinantions!
Tweaks and Fixes
– Climax actions added to auto-pilot, allowing players to choose what should happen once the climax gauges have filled up.
– Dialogue with 4 different personalities!
Notable Tweaks and Fixes
– Improved belly inflation in combination with large breasts.
– Fixed rendering transparency issue on many sprites.
– Sprite fixes to short hair (Junichi).
– New Scaleable Penis!
– New mouth types, including 3 lip style alternatives, plus the standard one.
Tweaks and Fixes
– Improvements to nipple placement.
– Improvements to milk particles.
– Overall throat optimization to house new large penises.
– A lot of code changes and fixes to the color and mouth systems that no one will notice
– Updates to the save system, leading to a soft save reset on characters.
Hope you enjoy the current state of the game, and as always please feel free to share your thoughts
Talk to you all soon!
– Alternative arm positions for the bottom character!
– Alternative arm position for the top character, holding bottom's head.
– Improved saliva particles with physics.
Noticeable Bug Fixes
– Fixed sound for liquid splatter.
– Arousal and climax interactions added to the sub character.
– Saliva string particles.
– Futa and Male character options added!
– Improved fluid particles, including a cleanup button.
– Character movement with WASD now available on PC.
– Improvements to gameplay and animations.
– Mobile version!
– UI Scaling.
– Four new hair types.
– Four new eye types.
Art Improvements
– Expanded background, now the camera can roam more freely.
Bug Fixes
– Minor bugfix on color saving.
– Sprite bending fixes on throat animations.
Advanced Throat Mechanics
– Throat now has resistance, and it gets looser through gameplay. Resistance can be adjusted through the Throat submenu in the new Gameplay menu (located in the left-hand side).
– Throat bulge has now been improved thanks to a new collision system, and it's amount can be tweaked through the Throat submenu.
– X-ray now shows the inner part of the throat.
– X-ray can now be turned on/off and have it's opacity tweaked through the Throat submenu.
– You can now ejaculate inside the mouth.
Hair Color Customization
– Hair and eyebrow colors can be customized through the Female character menu.
Art Improvements
– Female body sprites cleanup.
– Pink heroine and succubus eyes and hairs cleanup with better sprites for animation.
– Particles update with better effects.
Bug Fixes
– Fixed a lot of small animation issues where sprites would match overall character movement.
– Fixed sound issues where a sound effect would loop or play at the wrong time.
– Fixed some male character sprite artifacts (will be further improved in the future)
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
Hi everyone,
Here is the first release for the game!
As we've mentioned before, this version focuses mainly on gameplay, but we managed to include some limited customization already! You can switch between the two existing characters, and mix and match their hair sets, eyes and breasts.
There are a few known issues with the art that we will hammer out in the upcoming days but overall we're happy with what we were able to achieve in the past 3 months! Hope you all enjoy what we've prepared for you, and please share your thoughts so we can keep improving the game!

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