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Game Srory Line

Most of us are familiar with the story of a young wizard from England who changed the fate of the magical world. For many years, we watched as he grew up, studied at the Magic School, and gradually changed the world around him. Have you ever wondered how such magical schools come into existence? Who creates them and when? Where do the teachers come from and why are these specific subjects taught?

We invite you to find out an answer to these questions in our game​

Developer Notes

Hello! We are Wild Pear, a small team of enthusiasts consisting of just a few people.

  • Meezady – an artist responsible for characters, full-scale scenes, and the overall style.
  • Foxy – programming, scripting scenes, and writing tools.
  • Goose – an artist responsible for backgrounds and icons.

Currently, we are working on our project in our free time, but we hope that someday we will be able to work full-time on it. We dream of creating a magical, captivating story that includes humor, romance, fantastic tales, and unexpected twists. But we cannot create such a story alone – we need your feedback, help, and support.

The game we are creating will be free, but you can support us through Patreon and get the latest versions and updates before the public release, as well as take an active part in the project’s development, access the team’s Discord, and communicate with us directly.

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