Milky Monogatari [v1.1] By nebelstern

nebelstern Games released a new game called Milky Monogatari and the version is 1.1. The game’s story is about This is “Milky Monogatari”. A light hearted, semi- casual ~10 hour RPG adventure with many comedic elements and some lewd-ish innuendo. It’s about how a retired adventurer and 4 cow girls have to fight the world’s evil forces in a magical kingdom. They combine their strengths and talents to overcome unexpected challenges that fate throws at them.

◉ Original pixel- and portrait art. The “surrender” system, where single encounters can surrender when the party deals too much damage in the first turn. An enemy wo surrenders will give you the chance to let it go, and while this means you won’t get the exp, the enemy will leave you a present.

◉ The “Kemocon” System, a creature – capture function, where paniced enemies can be “contracted” and used for powerful 1-time attacks later.

◉ Freedom of equipment – aside from the weapon, you can equip any equipment type as often as you want. You could equip 4 sunglasses to 1 character, if you wanted to.

◉ Stacking effects – equipment effects like power and more actually stack, for crazy equip effect combinations.

◉ Equip Upgrade – your characters all can compine and thus upgrade certain equipment types on the go.

◉ Special Upgrade – when the characters are at their limit with upgrading, you can still find certain places where you can upgrade the equip even higher to reach incredible, insane powers.

◉ Freedom of Encounter – once the Reversed Bell Tracker is obtained, random encounters become optional and can be switched on and off anytime.

◉ Secret optional bosses. Puzzles and minigames. “Bovine Stance” – skills, that can be crucial for your boss-battle strategy.

◉ Purin’s special debuff attack, that she can execute at random in battle. ! Trigger Warning : Contains Curvy Women ! Lactose Intolerance Warning : Contains Milk

Developer: nebelstern
File Size: 244.8 MB
Version: 1.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Images & Screenshots


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