Project ATMOSPHERE [v0.4 P3] Dr MAD

Game Srory Line

Project ATMOSPHERE is a wonderful Sci-Fi visual novel inspired by games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Deus Ex series that combines beautiful high-quality renders and complex adult storyline. The story of the game takes you to the near future.

The main character is a young man who recently graduated from the university. He met a mysterious organization which introduced him to a new reality, which he never imagined. Through the story you will explore this new reality as a secret agent of «Atmosphere agency» and help them in their fight with threats from another universe.

Version Changelog

v0.4 Part 3:

Day 23 Gameplay Tip:

You might remember that Day 22 ended with the MC choosing where to crash for the night. So, Day 23kicks off with a unique event for each girl, depending on your pick. For those who stayed in their own block or headed over to crash with Phoebe, it might seem like the update’s a bit light on content.

I suggest you play through all the character branches while the game’s still in development – this way, you’ll always get the full experience. For Susan fans, I recommend playing through the Day 2 game event, you’re in for a nice surprise. And for Amy aficionados, check out the completely revamped Day 17 event. Hope you have a great time and enjoy the game.

So… our work in numbers:

  • 2550+ new HD static renders
  • 68 new HD reward renders
  • 99 new 60 fps HD animations
  • 82 new BIOS pics
  • 8 new licensed music tracks

New Events:

  • A lewd story event with Amy
  • A lewd story event with Yui
  • A lewd story event with Jesse
  • A story event with Phoebe
  • A story and very hot event with Molly
  • A story event with Phoebe and Maya
  • A lewd story event with Monica
  • A story event 23-day results

Game Images

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