Projekt Moon [Ch. 3.24 Public] By The Magical Gurl

The Magical Gurl Games released a new game called Projekt Moon and the version is Ch. 3.24 Public. The game’s story is about A lonely guy who seeks to view the stars as a reward for his hard work, but is abducted by aliens and turned into a “Magical Girl” against his will. A fate of transformation, catgirl aliens, and deep space mysteries awaits our protagonist. Submitted for NaNoReNo 2023!​

Developer: The Magical Gurl
File Size: 788.2 MB
Version: Ch. 3.24 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Ch. 3.23:

Bugs squashed, Title screen changed, Meeting Lucy and Eliza added.SPOILER: Possibly?

Lucy DP and Pregnancy scene.

Ch 2.1:

Changes: Most importantly. Three briefly ANIMATED. FUCKING. SEX SCENES. Yes. There are literal GIFs in my game now. YAY ME! As a newer dev that’s still learning things, this milestone was important for me to cross and now I have… I also wanted to edit this block to be clear. Not EVERYTHING is animated. Only 3 scenes but again, its a milestone and a time for me to pat myself on my back.

Initial Norah scene retcon, Lilim edit for Conquest path, more emphasis on how fucked the MC was by Projekt Moon in the beginning. Pirate Ending teaser added (Chapter 3 previews inside). All sex scenes changed to suit latest style of the protag with no awkward looking 2/3rds screens for sex scenes… Updated the lab to look more similar to the characters. Various UI and interface improvements for all users, specifically requested by Scruffles DEV (who was sorta beta testing my Android build). There are menu options to add in seeing things for those who need better accessibility options…

I have noticed a few continuity issues when gathering screenshots though. I will fix that soon enough (in particular during the Zorah scene). Please report any bugs/typos, etc to me asap. I dont take kindly to bugs and typos in this here parts.

Ch. 2 DEMO:

  • Yet another bloody overhaul!
  • You can name the protagonist.
  • New looks for all characters, including the protag.
  • 100% custom BG images hand done with Koi Sunshine’s engine.
  • CHOICES that will affect the future.
  • Two different playstyles.
  • Loads of references.
  • Trippy psychological stuff.
  • Continuation of my Nier: Automata style story where different paths unlock more lore…

Alpha Ch. 1.2

  • Total overhaul.
  • All scenes contain pics, you asked, I DELIVERED.
  • New pathways to bridge toward Ch. 2
  • New characters.
  • Norah, MC and other characters expanded on.
  • Logic, Proper Spelling and Grammar fixed.
  • Bugs murdered by Fingerbang.
  • And more!

Developer Notes:

Currently in development! Alpha Ch 1.0 released for NaNoReNo 2023!! This project is evolving as I type as I am now on CH 1.2 moving onto Ch. 2! Protag looks different. That’s a small example. This game will be somewhat text heavy and ill be looking to make it LESS kinetic once I get used to programming and know how to do it. I am a BRAND NEW coder. Plz be patient lol I am also doing this on my own with zero help. This is a second job and my other one is 40 hours a week. Yeah.

  • Prologue and Ch1 feel complete outside of extra TLC needed for the sex scenes, which are all in text only.
  • H Tags: Futanari/Intersex on Female, Slave, Forced Transformation, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Oral sex,
  • Future Futanari path tags: Harem, Netori/NTR, Pregnancy, TBA.
  • Future paths: Male Sissy and Zero dick Lesbian.

All paths: MORE ART! Upgrade to handdrawn with a dedicated artist with proper funding. This is all one guy who had never coded before this. I am learning as I go.

Please note I do NOT have a Mac or Linux system to test this on or help with QA. I do hope it functions properly on your system if you have either. I’ll do my best to help but I am not sure how much help I can be.

Also: You have my express written permission to translate this into spanish, Russian, whatever non-English language you want to as long as you take ZERO proceeds from my work and ensure I get proper credit. You are also allowed to mod the game AND port it to Android (I tried myself, but it didnt work), but same rules apply for translation. No monetization and please credit me for the base of your design.

Game Images & Screenshots

: – 751.7 MB
Mac: – 724.2 MB
Android: ProjektMoonACh3.2-CH3.23.apk – 733.7 MB

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