Secret Care Cafe [v0.8.32 Public] By Rare Alex

Rare Alex Games released a new game called Secret Care Cafe and the version is 0.8.32 Public. The game’s story is about every day seemed like nothing was changing. Go into your cubicle, put in numbers to the sheets, prepare presentations, and hope for a bonus every quarter. Only to see your manager get all the credit for your work. Was it your fate to spend the rest of your days at the same place, being just an insignificant pawn in your own life? No!

You’ve had enough! With the help of your loyal girlfriend Cynthia, you took a loan, left your old workplace behind and opened a Maid Cafe! Cynthia and two of her good friends become maids that will help you with everyday struggles!

Developer: Rare Alex
File Size: 5.93 GB
Version: 0.8.32 Public
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • added 4 new events
  • event to the secret chain of events you could unlock in latest boss fight
  • event with Ame and Cynthia if you had bad result in Roomba’s boss fight
  • main event with Ame and Cookie if you got 2 points of Ame’s ??? and 50 favor
  • random repeatable event with Cookie and Rai in bunny suits and teasing
  • Updated all Ame’s perks in Upgrade menu
  • changed places of few events in gallery (from maids side events page to maid clients events)
  • slightly optimized the code during gameplay and in upgrade menu
  • fixed Clark’s bug that prevented you from getting perfect score
  • fixed 1st bad end sometimes crashing on summary screen
  • fixed summary screen being faded a bit or returning to ‘basic’ state if clicked too fast

Developer Notes:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is there NTR in the game and is it avoidable?
    • Yes, you can activate the NTR in the game by buying specific item in the game and giving them to your maids. If you don’t do that, NTR in the game will be disabled.
  • Will there be an Android Build?
    • I plan on making Android Build after the final release of the game. At this point of development it needs a lot of changes to be viable. For now I’m focusing on the progress of the base of the game.
  • Why there is no Mac Build updates?
    • After reaching 2gb size of the game, my old Mac Machine doesn’t want to create working builds. Before I’ll be able to create new updates I need to get a new (preferably the newest) Mac. I’m not a Mac user normally and all my work I do on PC. That’s why I put off buying a new (expensive) Mac that would be used only for making build for the game once a week for an hour. I’m still looking into other options to make MAC build. But Final version of the game definetly will be avaliable for the Mac.
  • Will there be more romance/romantic options with current and new characters?
    • Of course. In final version of the game each girl will have their own endings. You’ll be able to finish the game without touching NTR options ever and get satisfying amount of content around that.
  • Will there be harem content?
    • Yes, I plan to add Harem content to the game and have endings representing that decisions.

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