Stray Incubus [Ch.12a] By Flynn974

Flynn974 Games released a new game called Stray Incubus and the version is Ch.12a. The game’s story is about In a conflict between the races, a group of brave warriors supported by the gods purge a dark race of demons from existence. But due to the mercy of one warrior, one demon child is spared as she decides not only to spare him, but also to take him with her and raise him. A few years later, the incubus grows into an adult and wishes to set off in an adventure.​

Developer: Flynn974
File Size: 8.57 GB
Version: Ch.12a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Chapter 12a

  • 1115 New renders
  • 71 New animations
  • 50-ish New sound tracks
  • Sound effects and Music are now added to all the chapters in season 1, so I’d recommend you start a new game even more so if it’s been a while since you last played the game.
  • New main menu animation.

Chapter 10a

  • Added 974 new renders and 84 videos (well 94 but 10 are just alpha masks).
  • Added over 6000 lines of code.
  • Added 6 new lewd scenes. (Somewhat branched.)
  • Gallery is now accessible from the main menu. (Thanks, Iru!)
  • Fixed a bunch of typos pointed out on discord and F95zone.
  • Fixed an issue with sound that caused the volume of some tracks to be not controlable.
  • Added a bunch of audio tracks, some stolen from Atemsiel.

Developer Notes:

The game contains some violent content. Blood, decapitations, people hitting each other, and so on… It’s only during combat scenes though and has nothing to do with the sexual content.

Game Images & Screenshots

: – 8.6 GB
Mac: – 8.5 GB

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