Stuck in Sutton [v0.8] Ben Rosewood

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Game Details

Developer: Rosewood
Censored: Yes/No
Language: English
Operating System: Windows

Game Storyline

After a car accident, you find yourself stuck in the small town of Sutton. With seven days until your sister’s wedding, you’re going to have to find a way out of the small country town by any means necessary.

Stuck in Sutton is an erotic text sandbox where you play as a young woman stuck in a small country town called Sutton. You must find a way to make it to your sister’s wedding in a week, whether that’s by working, stealing, drug dealing, stripping, prostitution, or romance.

During your stay in Sutton, you can: – Interact with a rich cast of NPCs with whom you can interact with in a variety of ways. From money-making opportunities to one-night stands or maybe even true romance. – Work a variety of jobs, from tending bars to stripping in front of strangers.

Manage your reputation and stress with a variety of activities and items. Just remember that word travels fast in small towns. -Commit a variety of crimes such as drug dealing and prostitution. -Engage in multiple activities such as playing pool, begging for money, gambling away your savings on the lottery, and giving blowjobs at a glory hole. -Multiple endings to discover.

Version Changelog


  • It’s Five-Day, Five-Day, Gettin’ Down on Five-Day. Added Day 5 content, including additional content with Chance, Mary, Russ, Annabell, Dan, and the Trio.
  • Lap It Up. Added Lapdances as a work opportunity at the Pink Lounge.
  • I Luv UI. UI improvements including the character creation screen, nameable saves, inventory and the truck shop.
  • Two Odd. Added 2 random events.
  • Sinful in Sutton. Added Annabell corruption content including an ecstasy pill scene, 2 new prostitution scenes, 3 new sex scenes, and 1st pass at her endings. endings.
  • Happy Endings. Second pass at endings, including the wedding and some interactions during the wedding night.
  • Parting Gifts. Added 6 Bonus Items that can be earned after a successful playthrough. These items can be used during your next playthrough.
  • Stick it to ’em. Can now learn to drive a manual car.
  • SPLAT! Fixed various bugs such as a dead end with donating to George during Day 4, coding issues with Russ’ path, Annabell’s intoxication, and more.

Game Images

Stuck in Sutton [v0.8] Ben Rosewood Download Links

Online Version: ITCH.IO – NEWGROUNDS

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