Substitute Girlfriend ~I’ll Become a Slutty Gal to Protect My Best Friend!~[Final] By Appetite

Appetite Games released a new game called Substitute Girlfriend ~I’ll Become a Slutty Gal to Protect My Best Friend!~and the version is Final. The game’s story is about “Wait, Sui-chan… You got a boyfriend!?”I received a shocking confession from my best friend, Sumi Mizuki, that she had gotten a boyfriend. And to top it off, her partner was none other than the popular and handsome Matsui Tatsumi at our school. At first, I was celebrating Sui-chan’s relationship, as she was my only friend at school. However, I gradually began to sense that her appearance and behavior were changing for the worse.

In the midst of this, I learned that Tatsumi was setting a trap for Sui-chan, intending to turn her into a slutty gal. To protect my precious best friend, I confronted Tatsumi and demanded that he break up with her.”I-I’ll be blunt. Please… break up with Sui-chan…” “Huh? Because you’re feeling lonely after losing your best friend, you want her back, huh? Lol”And the condition Tatsumi presented was to offer my body as a ‘substitute’ for my friend.

Driven by Tatsumi’s love for slutty gals, I was coerced into numerous perverted acts, transformed into a slutty ‘substitute’ both in appearance and in spirit. Before long, I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into this abyss, becoming nothing more than a ‘substitute’ in every sense. (TRANSLATED FROM DLsite)

Developer: Appetite
File Size: 520.0 MB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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