Succubus Kingdom [v0.02b] By Cibbon

Cibbon Games released a new game called Succubus Kingdom and the version is 0.02b. The game’s story is about

You play as a man who has lost everything, but in your moment of need, a pink-haired woman offers you the gift of a new life. But of course, nothing is that simple as this woman turns out to be a devious succubus with the power of a goddess. . .

Tricked and indebted you’re now a Slave Knight forced to do whatever she wants you to do. Weirdly enough she shares bits of her power and sends you to another planet.

It’s a magical and mystical planet where you will find elves, demi-humans, and many more races. What fantastical adventures await you on this new planet? And more importantly, what exotic women will you meet?

Will you be able to free yourself from the succubus’s grasp and live your new life to the fullest or will you remain as her obedient servant?

That will be your fight to take

Developer: Cibbon
File Size: 945.7 MB
Version: 0.02b
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added small bouncy animation when meeting Fudge
  • slight changes to the dialogue
  • Small typo fixes

Developer Notes:

I’m Cibbon and I’m creating this little game: Succubus Kingdom!

What will you find in this game?

  • Lots of hot and sexy women to build relationships with and romance.
  • Many hot and animated sex scenes with all the 13 main girls! (And some more for the side girls)
  • A fun and intriguing story where you will fight for your freedom against a goddess
  • Explore a classic fantasy world filled with mystery and sexy women
  • Lot’s of comedy, romance, drama, action, self-improvement, and crazy moments

If you like the game and want to support its development, please consider checking out my Patreon.

Game Images & Screenshots


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