Suspicious [v0.31] [Azteca] – F95zone


– New after-school help system

– Improved classroom interactions

– Female orgasm has been added

– Improved all actions

– All dialogues have also been improved

– Fixed many different bugs


– New character display

– Added a new lesson system

– And the ability for automatic interaction with it

– New actions in the park

– Improved interactions with two characters at once

– Also, more dialogs and character interactions have been added

– New stats

– Added cheat menu

– And numerous bugs have been fixed

– Thank you so much for your support! ><


– Brought back the old events with Abbie and Miah!

– And also improved them ^^

– You can escort the characters back home!

– Pluses of arousal are also shown for characters watching the actions.

– You can skip homework!

– Also now you can refuse some events!

– Fixed some visual bugs ><

– Slightly improved the interface.

– Improved the initial gameplay ^^

– Thank you so much for your support! ><


– New interaction with characters!

– New event type ^^

– The ability to sit with the characters in the classroom!

– Also do homework with them!!

– Interface upgrade ^^

– New stat.

– Added more choices in character interactions!

– Many dialogues rewritten.

– Many bugs fixed ~

– Thank you so much for your support! ><


– New character states!

– New action system!

– More interactions with characters.

– More menu interaction.

– New parameter ^^

– Action improvements ><

– Bug and dialogs fixes ~


– Rewriting some dialogs.

– Adding more animations to events.

– Improved the social part of the characters.

– Some events have been changed.

– Improved color correction in events and locations.

– Improved interface.

– Bug fixes.


– New action with characters.

– And one more action with characters.

– Also added a new mechanic there.

– Characters will initiate new actions with the player.

– Reworked some mechanics.

– Improvement of some dialogues.

– Bug fixes.


– Characters now initiate actions with the player.

– The girls themselves do the actions while touching.

– When sexually aroused, the character’s face changes.

– Now changed the touch system with ellipsis.

– Added the ability to touch the bottom of the characters.

– Minor interface changes.

– Bug fixes.


– New event with Abbie

– New event with Valeria

– New hold function

– New invite function

– Now 2 characters appear on the screen

– New undressing function

– Fix some bugs~


– New event additional classes with Katrin

– New event breakfast with Rubi

– New event additional duty with Valeria

– New event additional duty with Lydia

– New event cleaning with Miah

– Rebalancing of some events (changing the values and the time spent), fixing some bugs

– Improved the quality of renders and the speed of work on them by transferring from daz to blender (in fact, this ate most of the development time)


1.New dialogue system

2.New system of actions

3.New interface

4.Characters walk across locations

5.The reaction of characters to actions

6.New erotic interactions

7.Bug fixes


1. Added a new events with Elize (events in additional classes).

2. Added a new events with Rubi (events with cooking).

3. Added a new events with Rubi (events with cleaning).

4. Expanded stealth with Rubi at night events.

5. Richard’s stats have been slightly changed due to the addition of new events, and accordingly the interface for them has been redone.


1. More convenient and intuitive interface (now it will be easier to understand in which location and at what time event occurs).

2. You can now reduce aggression not only with sedative but also with events.

3. Added a events with Miah (events in the library).

4. Added a new events with Jane (events in the classroom and shop).

5. Added a new events with Abbie (events in the park).


– Merging of stats (charisma and intellect) now events depend on only one stat.

– Satisfaction stat removed.

– Added events with Katrin (Events in the library and her house).

– Added events with Rubi (Events with the TV).

– Relationship with the characters was made more understandable in text terms.

– Noise was removed from all images and colors have also been improved.


– Added music to the game

– Character relationship system simplified

– Added the ability to get a suspicious stat

– Added relationships with characters Katherine Lydia Valeria

– Improved image quality

– Redesigned game system to speed up gameplay

– Improved translation


– Added quest line with all main characters

– Added new characters events

– New type of CG

– Redesigned gym

– Some models have been redesigned

– Reworked some arts

– Many bugs fixed

– Thanks for all your feedback and support


– Gui completely reworked

– Reworked some arts

– Added new events

– Added new locations

– Added a new character

– Added quest line with Miah

– Many bugs fixed

– Thanks for all your feedback and support


– Plot

– Stat system

– Grind system

– Text speed

– Events

– Map

– Animations

– Added new mid events with Miah and Abbie

– Added a new character and locations

– Added a new CG +-100

– Thanks for all your feedback.

characters animations,

410 renders

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