Swordswoman Alecia ~Defiled Pride and Pure Love~ [v1.05] By ミライユカイ堂

ミライユカイ堂 Games released a new game called Swordswoman Alecia ~Defiled Pride and Pure Love~ and the version is 1.05. The game’s story is about The famous “Alecia,” known as a strong and beautiful swordswoman in the town, was living happily with her husband “Roy” while fulfilling her role in maintaining the town’s peace and safety. One day, when Alecia heard that her husband was considering helping a former colleague with a hunting job, she offered to take his place. The person who appeared at the meeting place turned out to be “Edgar,” a frivolous and superficial man who was once her subordinate. Although she internally did not want to get involved with him, she decided to just get it over with since it was a one-time job. However, Alecia hadn’t noticed the wicked heat in Edgar’s eyes as he looked at her―

Developer: ミライユカイ堂
File Size: 921 MB
Version: 1.05
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Images & Screenshots

Win: RJ01110211-Female_Swordsman_Alecia.7z – 877.9 MB

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