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Game Storyline

Some Genshin girls decide to have some fun dominating their victims before terminating them.​

Version Changelog


  • Added Eula as a playable aggressor
  • Added custom clothing menu for her
  • Added a button to make her muscular
  • Added custom facial animation for her
  • Added 1.2K+ dialogue lines for her. This is getting ridiculous
  • Added a new Front Facesit hold with its own functionality (accessible through the front mount pre-snap)
  • Added a variation of it (Thigh Smother) to it too with its own lines and animations
  • Added some number in the triple digits of dialogue lines for Kuki, Mona, Fischl, Yelan and Raiden combined during the front facesit/thigh smother (don’t feel like counting them after counting Eula’s)
  • Free camera no longer resets when switching to a hold’s variant (so Side Reverse HS and Thigh Smother)
  • Victims should no longer incorrectly play struggle animations after they’re KOed/Unalived
  • Updated Instructions.txt
  • Bugs got their fix

Game Images

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