That Brothel Game [v0.32] [VioletAmbush]

v0.32 Warmfix

– Fixed dismiss button

– Fixed mainpackage rainbow dash max sizes, missing tags

– Added left-right buttons to memories

– Removed characters with no unlocked memories from memories

– Event fixes and additions

And other minor tweaks and fixes

v0.31 Finally, an update


– Additional hotkeys

– Sorting and Filtering now applied per character

– Metasave

– Debug mode no longer hides the content

And other minor additions

Events system:

– Added events entity variables

– Added OnHire event trigger

– Fixed pattern matching to be case-insensitive

– Choices UI reworked

– Added the possibility to negate requirement result

– Added optional choice confirmation


– All characters were updated with the help of R34PosterBot

– Mafia stuff was removed

v0.3 Major update

– The events system, another dimension for modding

– 2 new characters

– A sequence of mafia events

Some minor QoL

And a lot of internal rework

v0.21 Minor update


– Main package is not password-protected nor required to run the game

– Added indicators to show character’s skill level

– Added possibility to reuse thumb images


– GIF support

– Updated all base characters with gifs

– Added new command to print percentage of filled metadata


– Fixed a bug with dorms not displaying resting artwork count

– Fixed a bug where some clients were not assigned a new required service

– Fixed startup logging

– Fixed clients pool to grow properly

And other minor fixes

v0.2 Major update


– Texture precaching for thumbs to speed up UI

– Manual clients filtering & ordering

– UI/UX improvements


– Moddable clients

– Stamina, skills, arousal and foreplays systems

– Possibility to dismiss employees

– Debug mode, which makes all commands available

– 4 new characters

– 1 new event


– Made client features picking to be weighted, instead of random

– Hiring details menu layout fix

A few minor bugfixes and improvements

And a lot of rebalancing

v0.15 Hotfix

– Fixed the bug, where save file was reset to previous state

– Added logging system to further ease modding (Details are in howtomod)

– Added indicator that shows client as a fan

And other minor fixes

v0.14 Minor update


– Fixed client generation with arena-exclusive features

– Fixed client autoselection

And other minor bugfixes


– Images precaching and loading time Improvements

– Startup status indicator & less stuttering during startup

– Matching features highlighting

– More accurate arena event client number prediction

And other minor improvements


– An “extension” system, that allows modding content into other packages (check updated Howtomod)

v0.13 Hotfix

– Fixed the problem with inadequate RAM usage

– Fixed Maxed-out indicator for width in dorm details

– Added a debug menu

And other minor bugfixes.

v0.12 Hotfix

– Fixed package loading system to work properly with multiple custom packages

– Fixed character Date reading to accept any date in YEAR-MONTH-DAY format

– Reworked package loading order

v0.11 Minor update


– Fixed stat comparison with almost equal values

– Fixed a problem with packages, where root folder name and package name mismatch lead to images not being loaded

– Fixed a bug where weekly stats would not reset

And other minor bugfixes.


– Clients ordering, highlighting and autoselection

– Arena events filtering and highlighting

– Stretching mechanic is now scalable instead of chance-based

– Maxed-out stats for character’s orifices now stated clearly


– A “New content available” indicator

– Album (“Memories” menu item)

– 2 new arena events

– 4 new characters

v0.1 Release

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