The Handyman [v1.1.2] [thecyborgmummy]

The Handyman is NSFW. it's a laid back point and click game where you try to accomplish simple tasks around a girls dorm. Easy enough, right? Well, as long as you don't get distracted by the girls who live in the dorm, because they're uh… bored… let's say.

Thread Updated: 2023-10-14
Release Date: 2023-10-05
Developer: thecyborgmummy –  Youtube –  Discord –  F95
Censored: No
Version: 1.1.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
3D game, Male protagonist, Puzzle, Point & click, Vaginal sex
1. Extract and run thehandyman.exe.
Outfit: Tanya, Araceli
Makeup: Brooke, Karli
Sweet Dreams
New Notification system to highlight things you've unlocked
In animation mode, Shayed District and the Smithsonian have been added for the scenes that take place in them.
Animation Mode Keyboard short cuts: H- hides menus, Space Bar- toggle auto play, L or R arrows- advance or reverse scene one step
Bugs Fixed-
Day 10- Potential issue triggering event 'Sacrificium'
Books not displaying properly based on what floor of dorm they're on
Made changes to how books behave to reduce lag
Day 11- Reduced lag while in the room with the sundial
Bugs Fixed-
Day 10 were able to have scene with Tanya even if you are exclusive with Shontel
Day 4 could not initiate scene with Araceli
Day 11 able to fondle Oki inappropriately (before actually initiating with her)
Day 11 lag inside the between place should be greatly reduced
Day 8 dialog
Day 11
New Outfits: Danna, Shontel
New Makeup: Oki
Icon appears above doors when Grant can listen to NPC conversation
See the above "Note from the developer"
Significant changes to the 3rd person camera
A bunch of under the hood NPC behavior
Bugs Fixed
Issue with Punked scene in animation mode, unable to "finish"
Issue with Tanya's Jersey outfit pants not loading in properly
Could not cancel out of Day 4 scene with Danna
Day 10
New Hair: Karli, Shontel, Dean Coleman
New Makeup: Sonam, Araceli
New Outfit: Shontel
Non-Grant scenes do not start automatically. Instead a button prompt comes up when a scene is available. The button must be pressed to start scene.
Bugs Fixed-
Issues with some computers not being able to save progress to disk
Shontel Makup- White Eyelashes
Day 8- Soft lock during one line of dialog during Oki's initial dialog.
Day 8- Oki's blindfold not behaving properly
Day 9
New Outfit: Araceli, Tanya, Oki, Sonam
New Hair: Tanya
New Makeup: Oki, Sonam
Bugs Fixed-
Ambient Occlusion Toggle did not work
Interactactions with characters on the edge of the stairs did not work (if you were in the stairwell, but they were not or vice versa)
Removed Shadow Border on outside wall when Ambient Occlusion was on
Added- Save File Backup System
-Files are backed up at start up when game detects a new version of the game
-Files can be restored from the back up from within the options menu
Changed- Bugs Fixed-
New Music was not affected by music volume setting
Day 8- option to "kiss" Shontel never available if Day 7 event "Grant denied his relationship to Tanya"
Day of the Dead- thought bubble would talk about internet connection if trying to turn on lights in room 204
Day of the Dead- lights in kitchen could be turned on
Day 7- wrench not appearing in hand while replacing shower heads
Animation Mode scene selection scrollbar was too sensitive to mouse scrollwheel
FOV slider not working in animation mode
Game would be paused on "Restart Day" and screen would stay black until pause button was pressed twice
Day 6 Event "Learned About Oki's Struggle" is no longer Event Dependent.
Slight alteration to Day 6 dialog
Bugs Fixed-
Karlis new hair was not visible in Dialog Portrait
Day 1 Karli had secondary hair exclusively
no audio during "on his hands and knees" within animation mode
Oki had Naughty Hearts during confrontation on Day 7
Days 6-8, looking at Karli's sex painting would alter dialog in unintended ways.
New ability to change art style within Options menu (Art Style "Edit" button)
Vsync option
Girls who have unlocked sex scenes can be viewed naked in model viewer
Can now adjust view height in model viewer (Q/E)
Unique animations within model viewer
Day 4 additional dialog clues for the meadow painting
An indicator now appears in the lower right-hand corner when an event has been triggered
Day 1 task tweaked so that you hang the banners at Post-it notes
Day 1 dialog made slightly more robust, with more clues
Non-standard (Oral) scenes now show when they have been unlocked for animation mode
Bugs Fixed-
Day 7 massaging Danna while already sitting next to her would start scene properly
Day 6 trying to fan Shontel while too close to her would cause scene start/stop glitch
Couldn't use step ladder if it was already placed, had to pick it up to use
Day 7
new music
unlockables can now be used even on days you have not beaten
more lighting/shader tweaks
music and other audio loads in as needed and unloads when done instead of all at once which will free up memory
toolbox 2.0
-toolbox is no longer a "held" item so you don't have to set it down to fix things
-while in your inventory, toolbox items are considered part of your inventory
-ability to move tools between regular inventory and toolbox while toolbox is in inventory from UI
Bugs Fixed-
can't use step ladder day 5
sex camera quick-switching unnecessarily
occasionally an NPC would not disengage from interacting with an object properly which would block player from being able to interact with that object
******Swapping within Animation Mode******
for standard scenes:
orgasm level 1 – unlocks scene in animation mode (same as before)
orgasm level 2 – unlocks scene for swappable characters
orgasm level 3 – makes that girl swappable
(Progress from standard scenes from saves previous to 0.6.9 should be grandfathered in)
for non-standard scenes (Oral):
complete scene to orgasm- unlocks scene in animation mode & unlocks for swappable girls
(Unlocking for swappable girls is NOT grandfathered in)
Note about swapping: the animations remain the same, the character models are just layed in over them. The closer the body type, the better a character swap will be. For example swapping between Brooke and Shontel, works pretty well. Swapping between Danna and Brooke however will create either a very short Brooke or a very tall Danna.
UI support for Ultra HD
Hair physics
2 Additional save slots
The ability to copy and paste game saves
Facial expression changes ease in and out more naturally.
More 3rd Person camera freedom
Graphical/Shader tweaks to make game more vivid
More lighting sources in most rooms
The desk lamp now illuminates surrounding area instead of JUST lighting spot on desk/table
Minor dialog changes to Araceli Day 3
Bugs Fixed-
If a character is walking through a doorway as the door is closing, it should now reopen
Can no longer trigger dialog immediately after initiating sex, causing end scene dialog
Removed overlapping music if exiting to main menu just as song starting
-previously, unlocking Araceli's cosplay outfit was triggered during day 3 when you gave the material to her. However, if you were playing the day for the first time, you had not unlocked Araceli herself yet (that happens on completion of day 3) so unlocking her outfit was not saved. The trigger point has been moved to day 4 when you first talk to her (she must have her cosplay outfit on).
Bugs Fixed-
-Many issues with loading a scene properly or ending a scene or being unable to interact with certain items resolved (all related to a character data file issue)
-First Person Camera in Animation Mode fixed
-Music properly fades out if quiting day during sex/arousal build
-Other fade in/out music issues should be resolved
Added-Animation Mode New Music
Reduced overall file size/increased efficiency
Hallway to upstairs sinks/mirror less obstructed
Kitchen/Pantry less obstructed by stairway walls
Triggers and behavior of ghost
Bugs Fixed-
able to pry open Tanya's drawer on day 3 even if you have full inventory
Animation Mode freecam keyboard controls:
1-Increase camera movement speed
2-Decrease camera movement speed
NOTE: if the game is stalling out loading a day, try deleting the UnityCrashHandler.exe file.
Day 5
New outfit for Shontel
New makeup for Araceli
4:3 support (1024 x 768 minimum resolution)
WASD (beta)
Ability to turn off mirrors in the Options menu
Removed time requirement (let me know if i missed any dialog still referencing time requirement)
Girl audio gets more rapid as they get closer to orgasm
Doors should no longer be closed on Grant by girls if Grant is in way of door
Doors automatically close behind Grant as he gets further away
Reduced penis cool down time from 90 to 45 seconds (with increase of 15 secs after each male orgasm).
Tweaked the color of Shontel's makeup to better match new outfit
Altered main sex game progression.
-the difficulty increase per stage has been reduced.
-the number of stages per orgasm has been increased by 1 (now 5/4/3)
-the time between mini-game appearances has been significantly reduced (was ~24sec, now ~12sec)
Why you do dis? 1- despite added levels, faster to get to the end. 2- with a more frequent mini-game it becomes less jarring. 3-If you hate it I will change it back
Bugs Fixed-
***Partial fix: The bug where characters get caught by the fridge remains, however, they should free themselves after about a second now.
Can now use faucets to fill water containers
Karli's school girl outfit
Araceli Makeup
when removing items from inventory, items are placed in scene in more logical places.
lighting tweaks: no more annoying glare when looking into mirror.
Unlockable items that require a "day event" glow blue instead of standard yellow
Bugs Fixed-
pausing game with esc key during dialog no longer locks up player
fixed bug where you couldn't re-interact with object without first clicking something else first
trying to watch TV on day 3 or 4 no longer locks up player
Indicators on the Unlockables in the main menu
List of the days events in the main menu
A new loop in Karli's sex animation
Improved Grants walking animation
Increased Grants walking speed by 10%
Made some tweaks to Day 3 Araceli story progression
Bugs Fixed-
Interaction point for router on day 1 fixed
Hair/Outfit models properly swap out in main menu
Trying to dance w/ Shontel while holding something no longer locks player up
day 1 light switches fixed
can no longer give Danna Hammer (the real one) if you don't have it
Being interrupted after selecting to give NPC item but before you've talked to them no longer causes you to lose item.
– Added-
Tanya new outfit
Shontel day 2 content
Ability to Tilt and Zoom (scroll wheel) in 3rd person Camera
Female Ejaculation
– Changed-
Getting busted by Tanya no longer ends day
Day 1 task changed
Inverted the number of successful stages needed to reach female orgasm (was 2>3>4, now 4>3>2)
Characters take better paths around corners
Sex Cam avoids changing to a shot that is too close to previous shot
Girl Audio and Facial expressions intensify as she approaches orgasm
– Bugs Fixed-
removed Oki's floating pants
vol sliders turn off music/sfx if at 0
NPC no longer assaults player if starting dialog as they are getting up from sitting.
Player can no longer be interrupted while trying to fix things
Version 0.1.2
– Added
any day that has been unlocked can be started from main menu
options menu
ability to "continue" dialog w/ spacebar
– Changed
extended time between sex mini game pop ups (more sex, less pop ups)
increased Grants walk speed
increased length of day (from 24 min to 40 min)
NPC dialog stays up until advanced
escape key opens pause menu and no longer exits game completely
Sex Mini game bar is stopped on down click, not on release
– Bugs Fixed
Day 1 Tanya Lightbulb Dialog Lock
Getting up from sitting player can't sit again
Day 2 shelf placement
walking next to stairwell no longer triggers stairwell cam
Day 2 Oki Dialog Lock setting key down when object is already on desk
Player should always face object during mini-game now
"Jobs" list and "GameTips" no longer overlap.
– First version playable
Win x32

Extras: Handyman 0.6 Main Guide – Official Wiki

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