The Patriarch [v0.11a] [TheGary]

A couple of friends invited you on a fortnight's trek to put you back on your feet.
They noticed how hard your breakup affected you and they decided to share their vacation with you.
After a week in the wild, the three of you are getting much closer than you expected.
But little by little, it dawns on your little group that there’s something odd going on.
Will you be able to make it back to your former life? Will you want to go back to your former life?

Thread Updated: 2024-01-05
Release Date: 2023-02-12
Developer: TheGary Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.11 Alpha
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other Games: Cure My Addiction
3DCG, Male protagonist, BDSM, Sharing, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Animated, Oral sex, Creampie, Cheating, Threesome (MMF), Female domination, Spanking, Teasing, Interracial, Urination, Lesbian, Group sex
1. Extract and run.
  • Fixed another missing image
  • Changed completion condition for #49 to be more accurate
  • Fixed #50, completion condition was incorrect.
  • Fixed some triggers when seeking the bunny plug for Abigail's punishment.
  • Fixed two missing images
  • Fixed a screen transition when skipping the prologue
  • Fixed an infinite loop that could stop you from doing an event with Mother when Abigail was disciplined.
  • Added one missing image transition during the first dinner talk.
  • Fixed an incorrect image during the first dinner
  • When doing "inspect" on Valerie at the pillory, you now get authority. You only get authority exp once per hour for this scene.
  • Fixed the "Pillory" ending button not updating after doing it once.
  • Fixed hint #C, it was unlocked before it was possible to complete it.
  • Scene #39 – Fixed the condition to unlock it. Change is not retroactive. After loading, you'll have to do the event once.
  • Scene #47 – It was not always possible to complete it when doing the scene.
  • Scene #52 – Added one more line to the hints to be more accurate
  • Scene #40 – It was not considered complete when intended.
Fixed reported issues with the help window for scenes: 6, 9, 13, 16 and 56.
  • Added a more advanced help page to track your progression (see this post)
  • Added proper dialogue for Valerie bondage device scenes (it was using Abigail's dialogues. Sorry about that.
  • Added proper dialogue for Valerie spanking scene (it was using Abigail's dialogues. Sorry about that.
  • Added one missing scene (Abigail on device #2 with the bunny tail plug)
  • Fixed a lot of typos.
  • I have updated the GUI for the entire game to match the most recent style used.
  • Some element of the GUI are now animated to make it easier to see what's going on.
  • After the first dinner, the events offer more control.
  • Most of the events have been re-rendered with an improved quality (for the new outfits).
  • 8 new major scenes
  • Many small additions or ending idles.
  • You can now take the anal beads in Mother's bedroom and make a good use of those during some scenes.
  • You can now toggle the content affinity in the settings.
  • Updated the way the game compiles to release patch instead of full game more easily.
  • Mother evening reward
  • Emma evening reward
  • Valerie evening reward
  • Emma's self spanking (Evil Karma)
  • Emma cuni in the morning (Good Karma)
  • Mother's wake up visit (5 variations)
  • Abigail spanking (+time out and Pillory ending)
  • Valerie spanking (+time out)
  • Abigail tied up the device #1
  • Abigail tied up the device #1 – Bunny tail plug
  • Abigail tied up the device #1 – Spanking marks
  • Abigail tied up the device #1 – Anal beads
  • Abigail tied up the device #2
  • Valerie tied up the device #1
  • Valerie tied up the device #1 – Anal beads
  • Valerie tied up the device #2
  • Valerie at the pillory, new action (Evil Karma) [Poll Result]
  • Valerie stealing mother's toys – 2 endings for the anal version
  • Emma / Valerie evening lesbian scene – new scene
  • Abigail's training – Emma, you can now enter the room.
  • Abigail's training – Emma – Extended scene (Good karma)
  • Abigail's training – Emma – Extended Ending (Good karma) (3 different toys available )
  • Abigail's training – Valerie, you can now enter the room.
  • Abigail's training – Valerie – Extended scene (Good karma)
  • Abigail's training – Valerie – Extended scene (Evil karma)
v0.4 Patch C
  • Fixed a potential crash
v0.4 Patch B
  • Fixed alternate scene for Emma on the pillory (the second hour if you didn't snitch)
  • Fixed a GUI issue with Emma's spanking
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when generating a new trial in the morning
  • Fixed two renders in the Emma/Val scene.
v0.4 Patch note:
  • Added new locations: basement, pillories' room and Abi's bedroom.
  • 5 new scenes/events
  • The spanking scene introduced in 0.3 has a new GUI and the follow up of the scene introduces new mechanics. I really like how this scene is feeling and all the opportunities it gives for later.
  • Added hints for update 0.2 and 0.4 (0.3 hints were in the last update). The hints are just that, hints. It's to help you progress and roughly show what to do next; if needed.
  • Updated floor's button to use elevators numbering pattern
  • Updated the location indicator for the girls to be more intuitive.
v0.3 Patch Note
  • 9 new scenes
  • Added a hints window (shortcut: F1), for now only 0.3 events are available in it.
  • Lust and authority level 3 unlocked.
  • Stamina level 5 unlocked. Each level increase fishing success rate. At level 5, you collect timber and water by 2.
  • Fixed a bug when reaching full timber or water stock (100).
  • Reaching max stock will autocomplete this part of your trial.
  • Abigail can't be considered a witness if she's alone.
  • Stock decreases every day by 3 waters and 2 timbers.
  • You can see when a girl is at an outside location.
Threesome is now optional on all paths.
Removed choices that had no influence on any scene.
Updated the choice and special dialogue screen to be less intrusive.
Fixed reported typos.
Initial Release
v0.10b (Full Game)

v0.10a-to-v0.10b patch: MEGA – MIXDROP – UPLOADHAVEN – WORKUPLOAD

v0.11 Stand Alone (Alpha)

Extra: MultiMod* – German language
[USER=3579002]Mrivan333[/USER] thanks for the link
* This port/version is unofficial and might break your game. Download at your own risk.

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