The Zeta Sector [v1.0.2] By Primal356

Primal356 Games released a new game called The Zeta Sector and the version is 1.0.2. The game’s story is about You are Adelyn Blake, twenty-six years old, commander of the rogue vessel called the Emerald Grace. You venture to the land of fanatic slavers in the hope that you could make enough cash to settle your debt back home. Problem is: You are kinky as fuck. And you find yourself wanting to be a slave the moment you enter the sector. Can you resist the urge? Or will you end up with a collar on your neck like so many before you?​

Developer: Primal356
File Size: 687.6 MB
Version: 1.0.2
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added a new enslavement path under the boot of Princess Keith (you can encounter her on Ranak II at the end of the milk facility mission).
    Added a new mini game as part of the enslavement path, where Adelyn and Elena are forced to lick each other to orgasm. The mini game has two possible outcomes depending on how clever Adelyn proves to be during this trial.
    Added images to the 12th chapter for Aarla’s Descent (you can buy it on Jafar in the holo-vid store for five telers).
    Added images to the 1st chapter for Lauren’s Nightmare (you can buy it in the same store as above for five telers).
    Replaced the old 2nd chapter for Lauren’s Nightmare with the new new one and added images.
    Added the 3rd chapter for Lauren’s Nightmare (technically the free release date would be July 15, but what the hell 
  • Added walkthrough under the FAQ section.
    Replaced the cover image with the new one (technically I already had a new one, so this is the new new one).

Game Images & Screenshots

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