To be SIgma [v0.3] By TobeSIgma

TobeSIgma Games released a new game called To be SIgma and the version is 0.3. The game’s story is about TobeSIgma is embarking on its journey as a promising game with a vast world and variability. The game follows a specific storyline: you play as the protagonist, an unremarkable young man whose stepfather recently passed away, leaving you with two sisters and a mother. Life challenges you to become independent and explore this world. While you are still at the initial stage of the game and haven’t seen the larger world yet, you are already on the path to becoming a Sigma, learning to seduce and utilize female sexuality for your goals. In the near future, you will undoubtedly become the owner of large companies and create subordinates to your liking. The game is in its early stages, and many characters are still awaiting their debut. Some characters in the game deserve their path as envisioned by the author, while others will be determined by voting, as a form of free creativity, for those interested in participating. Another goal of the game is to compile a significant amount of content featuring enticing ladies whose sexuality captivates us all. In any case, it’s a fun endeavor, and I’m grateful to everyone who joins, supports, and collaborates in creating this game. SIgma everyone!​

Developer: TobeSIgma
File Size: 984.0 MB
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Significantly progressed the storyline of one of the main characters, Veronica
  • Added more than 40 animations and over 40 images for Veronica
  • Included over 7 scenes featuring Veronica, with two bonus scenes
  • Added one bonus scene with Mom
  • Introduced the ability to hack devices and monitor personal messages, developing blackmail storylines
  • Added the option to turn animation sounds on and off in scenes
  • Updated the Guide section with more information about character attributes, the game, and the Sigma principles
  • Added icons in the game
  • Updated the list of project supporters
  • Fixed most of the bugs

Developer Notes:

As a long-time user of the f95zone website, I’ve developed a passion for game development, and now I’m thrilled to embark on creating my very first game. This project is a labor of creation, and I’m pouring my heart and soul into crafting an exciting experience for the entire community.With my debut game, I aim to deliver a thrilling adventure filled with diverse characters and engaging storylines. It’s my opportunity to contribute something special to the gaming world and offer players an immersive journey they won’t soon forget. Join me on this exciting venture as we bring this game to life together. Your support and feedback are invaluable as I strive to create a memorable gaming experience for all. Let’s make something big!

Game Images & Screenshots

HTML (page only, makeup bug fixed for v0.3) – PIXELDRAIN MEGA
Others: Online (v0.2)

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