Transylvania [v0.5.01] [XFiction]

You are Alex, a poor student that decides to take a summer job working as a receptionist at the Crooked Elm, a hotel in a faraway mountain village deep in the Transylvanian region. Quickly you realize that nothing and no one in the village is what it seems, and every passing hour has you more embroiled in the mysterious happenings…
Transylvania is a game that allows you get yourself into all sorts of trouble, leaving you the choices to overcome obstacles and try to return to normal, or give in to your desires and change into something more.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-04
Release Date: 2024-02-04
Developer: XFiction Patreon –Official Website – TFG Page
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.01
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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2dcg, Male protagonist, Gender bender, Monster girl, Monster, Milf, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Interracial
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Spiders, Werewolves, Vampires,  Worms, others;
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BDSM, Oviposition, MtF, Degradation, Body modifications, Pregnancy;
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1. Extract and run.
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===started a ground up trait overhaul===
-“skepticism” trait has been changed to “pragmatism”
-all traits have brand new icons and a new system menu;
-added 2 new traits: sadism and masochism;
-traits now go from 0 to 9, after which they reach a maximum “true” state;
-for Patreon supporters, traits can be edited directly from the Journal if integrated cheats is enabled;
-added new sidebar icons;
-added new menu corner decorations;
-added various new UI elements and improvements;
-added new day/night backgrounds for the ground floor hallway;
-added new backgrounds for the Antique Boutique OPEN/CLOSED;
-polished some interactions;
-improved garden and cemetery discovery in prologue;
-reworked dinner with Mihai with new conversation options that now increases either Occultism or Pragmatism;
-improved small navigation quirks and time flow in the prologue;
-updated the library reading to reflect the new pragmatism trait;
-deliberately leaving Sabrina to the tentacles now increases Sadism;
-updated the men at the Inn with a new max tier of encounter;
-added a scene with the men at the inn with Masochism trait;
-added new art for jumping out the window;
-Added a character notification for Mihai;
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Chapter 3
-polished Journal updates and visibility of important choices mid-story;
-added more art to Felicia’s corruption ending (still WIP);
-added 2 new backgrounds for Narcissa’s room;
-re-wrote the logic and navigation nodes of final goodbyes with leaving The Crooked Elm as a woman (both Mihai and Lavius branches);
-added a goodbye with Mihai in case Lavius becomes the new ruler;
-added a goodbye sequence with your bruxa in case you have forged a bond in Chapter 2;
Lavius and Wolf Endings
-added an alternative “Good” branch with the Wolf;
-added two different True Ends with the Wolf;
-added a new background for the game room after Lavius takes control;
-added a new illustration for the True Ends with the Wolf;
-added a new interactive illustration for Yaga’s Moon Ritual;
-you can no longer bargain with Ishtar if you’re already a woman;
-fixed several navigation issues with the Goodbye Sequences when leaving the Elm;
-added time adjustment to cheats;
0.4.13 – Pax Daemonica
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Chapter 3
-added more dialogue options to Felicia to help you along the way;
-it is now possible to complete the task Ishtar’s Secrets and give them to Felicia without reaching a dead end in the chapter;
-continued Mihai’s branch after the trial in case Alex has chosen True Wish: Demon;
-added the possibility to choose that Alex’s heart belongs to Felicia (same story branch as above, for now Mihai only);
-added a True Ending branch where Alex can become Felicia’s owner if the right choices were made during the Ishtar Secrets side quest (the other two lines will become available later – where Alex belongs to Felicia, and when both are equal);
-added two different True Endings where Alex owns Felicia;
-added two new illustrations for Felicia’s new endings;
-added a new background for the Alex/Felicia endings;
-made more general improvements to task tracking and navigation;
-fixed a navigation bug where True Wish: Woman would force you down Lavius’s path even if you had started Mihai’s line;
-added an audio track for the forest path;
-added an audio track for the totem in the swamp: Dormant version;
-updated some wolf scenes art in Chapter 1;
-added a new icon for Corruption choices;
-added Felicia’s endings to the Patreon Gallery;
0.4.12 -Hedonistic Consequences Part 2
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-Bad Ends have been reworked, allowing you to unlock them as achievements and continue playing after reaching a Bad End;
-added a Bad Ends gallery which is accessible from Feats;
-added new UI when reaching a Bad End;
-added an “End Game” screen with a recap of your playthrough, stats and story, feats, bad ends etc
-updated all “True Ending” screens with visual polish and link to the “End Game” screen.;
-added new background art for the goblin encounter (Mihai Ending);
-added a new interactive illustrations to the 3 girls and Elise scene;
-added an “End Game” screen with stats;
-updated and polished the art/background of the werewolf encounters in chapter 1;
Chapter 3
-added the swamp to the “Locations” tab in the journal and improved recurring navigation descriptions;
-added a shorter alternative version of your breakfast with Mihai;
-updated multiple tasks for better descriptions and story flow;
-the Interrogation task now has more requirements;
-the Dungeon navigation has been updated;
-fixed several navigation issues and description bugs;
Ending Woman
-expanded the “Slut” final branch with 3 new lengthy endings and 1 shorter ending;
-added a new illustrated scene for one of the “Slut” endings;
-added Elise to the final goodbyes;
-added the Wolf to the final goodbyes;
-Lavius’s woman ending has been linked to the branches, allowing you to leave The Crooked Elm from his branch too;
-added a Bad Ends selection gallery which is accessible from the Lewd Gallery menu;
0.4.11 -Hedonistic Consequences
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True Wish: Woman
-the event has been completely overhauled from the ground up;
-added interactive visuals, changing your character with every choice;
-removed some choices and added others;
-The choices and visuals reflect:
->three basic body types;
->three different breast sizes;
->three hair colors;
->six eye colors;
->the ability to choose final piercings;
—> All of the above are visualized in any combination;
-Additionally, after body customizations, the final choices for lust/sanity have been to culminate in one of 3 possible states, allowing you to regain full Control, to become a total Slut, or to remain somewhere in-between;
-added new avatars post transformation;
Chapter 3
-continued the plotline with Mihai;
-following Mihai’s plotline, you can choose to ultimately remain at The Crooked Elm or return to the normal world;
-added a “Goodbye” sequence with main characters if you wish to leave (currently : Ionut, Felicia, Sabrina);
-added variations for your goodbies based on the True Wish: Woman choices;
PLEASE NOTE: The “Goodbye” sequence is currently still WIP and tailored to support the available endings for this patch. It will be expanded further;
-added 3 “True Slut” endings;
–>Added new background art for the True Slut endings;
-added 1 “True Woman” ending;
–>Added new background art for the True Woman ending;
-added 1 Mihai Ending;
–>Added 2 new illustrations for Mihai’s ending;
0.4.10 – Big Bad Wolf
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Chapter 3
-you can now talk to the wolf in the dungeon, offering a few important dialogue choices that may impact your final ending;
-added a new Bad Ending branch for the Werewolf;
-added two different Bad Ends for the Wolf;
-added a secret “Labrat” Bad End for Lavius/Sabrina (offshoot of the wolf bad end branch);
-updated screen positioning for “large scenes” – mostly used for endings;
-fixed the worms in Chapter2 images not showing on;
-added a new background for the Wolf endings;
-added a new background for the special Labrat ending;
-added a new illustration: Bad Wolf Ending;
-added a new interactive scene with animations: Wolf’s Prisoner;
0.4.09 -Queen and Servant
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Chapter 3 Major
-finished the Mihai quest for Veil of Illusion;
-added new location: Mihai’s secret study;
-added new conclusion to the conspiracy plot: Mihai Petrescu, Lord of the Domain;
-added new version of the trial with Mihai;
-updated start of the day module;
-updated Mihai dining room module with new branches and dialogue;
-added 6 new true endings with Elise in accordance with your choices in the Queen Egg quest;
Chapter 3 Minor
-updated swamp navigation a little;
-added a few final nodes allowing you to swap your arachnid piercings before the very end (depends on choices);
-updated quests and journal;
-updated choices in journal;
-added new background for underground stone altar;
-added new background for Mihai’s study;
-added art for True Wish Woman – normal body;
-added art for True Wish Woman – petite body;
-added art for True Wish Woman – chubby body;
–>NOTE: the True Wish Woman transformation is still in progress and will be updated with more art assets, this is just a first step;
-added new interactive illustration: Arachnid Fate;
-added variations of Arachnid Fate for each of Elise’s 6 endings;
-added new interactive illustration: Queen’s Offering;
0.4.08 – Fur Elise
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-updated the Tips section when starting Chapter 1;
-added an audio track for the Swamp;
-updated alt art for the crypt’s critters;
-added new background for being pulled underground;
-updated 1 crypt event;
-updated default reborn screen in Ch2;
-added your room to Chapter 3, with the ability to change outfits;
-added a long new story branch in Chapter 3;
-added new permanent choices and possibilities for her relationship (ch3);
-added new character art: Queen Elise;
-added new background art: Inside the Web;
-added new background art: Elise’s bed;
-updated art for Elise Epilogue;
-updated encounter: Dangerous Truth (first Elise true form in ch1);
-added new art and animations: Dangerous Truth;
Chapter 3
-added a new way to complete the True Wish – “Demon”;
-added new art for True Wish – Demon (plug variation);
0.4.07 -As Above so Below
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New audio track: Milking the cows;
-added relationship choices to Chapter 3 startup simulation;
-the “Fishing for Worms” scene has been overhauled;
-added new art for “Fishing for Worms”
-added clothes-responsiveness to “Fishing for Worms”
-added animations to “Fishing for Worms”
-added new task tracking for Felicia’s debt in the journal;
-added a new background for Felicia’s room; updated encounters;
-added a new background for her task in chapter 3;
-you can now accept Felicia’s debt in a different way if you didn’t bargain for the pheromones;
-new illustration: submitting to Felicia;
-new illustrations: dominating Felicia;
-added the ability to further develop your relationship with Felicia in a dominant or submissive way (mostly chapter 3, some in ch2);
Chapter 3
-added a new task from Felicia (available if you have started a relationship with her);
-added a new complex scene with Felicia in 12 parts;
-added a new scene with Ishtar in 3 parts;
-added a new complex illustration: Forbidden Secrets;
-added animations for Forbidden Secrets;
-fixed an issue where the Patreon relationship page would reset some values;
0.4.06 – Femina Suprema
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-added background for Lavius’s laboratory room;
-added background for the inside of the hunting cabin;
-added new audio track: Yaga’s Theme;
-achievements have been overhauled;
Chapter 3
-a new True Wish has been added: real woman;
-a new character has been added: Ishtar;
-2 new primary endings have been added to the story;
-a new interaction has been added with Narcissa;
-a new version of the Trial has been added;
-new character art;
-new illustrated scene;
-2 new minor illustrations;
-added character entry to journal;
Save Data Issues:
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Version 0.4.05 brings an important patch to the game engine that should prevent further save data corruption issues. However this will ONLY affect saves started on 0.4.05+. If you are loading an old save file, you may still be experiencing this problem. If you run into save data issues, please make sure to have a fresh run. In case of any issues on fresh runs, please report anything, I will be keeping a close eye.
Read the Save Data Issues spoiler!


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