University Days! [Season 1: Episode 6 Part 1] By GREEBO

GREEBO Games released a new game called University Days! and the version is Season 1: Episode 6 Part 1. The game’s story is about Welcome to University Days! In this game, you play as a character who has moved to a new city to become a student. At this university, you’ll run in to a plethora of new faces whilst making your way through your day-to-day life as a student. With this new city life comes new challenges and stories to be uncovered, some short, some long, but you’re in for a treat either way as your impeccable charm has all of the women falling for you​

Developer: GREEBO
File Size: 2.04 GB
Version: Season 1: Episode 6 Part 1
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • What’s New?
  • 1/2 an In-game day worth of content (Saturday)
  • 2 New sex scenes
  • 2 Animations
  • 4 New unlockable gallery images
  • Bonus scenes now have their own page
  • New music & sound effects

Developer Notes:

University Days is developed as a visual novel using the Renpy Engine. Previously, all of our games have been developed in RPGMaker, however, Renpy has grown to be extremely popular over the recent years, and a fan-favourite for adult games like this. At the moment I am a sole developer working on the story, graphics, renders & code alone. When time allows it I’d like to expand the team to strengthen and expand the potential of the content that is put out. If you feel as though you could be a potential part of the team, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Game Images & Screenshots


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