Wifey’s Dilemma Revisited [v0.44] By 3Diddly Games

3Diddly Games released a new game called Wifey’s Dilemma Revisited and the version is 0.44. The game’s story is about This Game is a reboot of Wifey’s Dilemma, with many new upgrades and features. In this game, the main character marries his friend so that she can stay in the country (Both characters can be renamed). He had feelings for her when they were younger, but never managed to act on them. Now that she’s married to him… who knows? The game follows the experiences of this young man. He will meet other women, and will be able to develop his relationships with them. Attention: NTR is avoidable. Sharing is avoidable. Read the Developer Notes please. The developer will ignore all comments about the optional NTR in this game. ​

Developer: 3Diddly
File Size: 1.85 GB
Version: 0.44
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Continued Lee/Mr. Davis route

Non NTR:

  • For the next event, Wifey seems to be in distress. The PC will go to a meeting with the Pledged.
  • In the meeting you can choose to either join up with the Pledged or not. If you do, you’ll need to help them. The PC will meet a known character in the 3Diddly universe.
  • Spicy event right after the meeting!

Soft NTR:

  • Same as Non NTR, but with a twist to the spicy event!

Hard NTR:

  • The PC will not be invited to the meeting. If you picked USF, you’ll be able to Snoop.
  • Very different scene, not recommended for those who don’t enjoy hard NTR.
  • New “Permissive” trait can be obtained here!

Other changes: Some bug fixes and grey screen fixes.

Changelog 0.42

Continued Katie/Jamal’s route, finished Xmas event!
A stranger approaches Wifey when she goes out to get some air, but he seems to have hostile intentions. Depending on what the PC does in each route, things will play out differently!
Non NTR: PC can decide to confront stranger, and Wifey will be able to get Max love points!
Soft NTR: If PC decides to back off, Jamal will come in to help. If this happens, he will gain influence points with Wifey.
Hard NTR: If PC decides to back off, Jamal will gain a major advantage in the competition.

Changelog 0.40:

Continued Katie/Jamal route

  • 3 scenes for each route (non NTR, soft NTR, hard NTR) with 1 alternate scene for Snoop ability.
  • Wifey will have a special gift in this update! (Physical change)
  • For Soft and hard NTR routes: You’ll be able to acquire a new trait for Wifey: Snowbunny Initiate!
  • Other changes:
  • Dialogue fixes, thanks to DD!
  • Changelog 0.39:
  • Continued Katie/Jamal’s route. In this update, Wifey has stumbled into a predicament working for Jamal. There seems to be a gang war, and she might be in danger! Based on the PC’s choices, different things will happen.
  • Non NTR: Wifey stays with PC, and Jamal apologizes.
  • Soft NTR: Wifey stays with PC, PC comes to get Wifey after work.
  • Hard NTR: Wifey stays with Jamal, PC has to visit Wifey at work.
  • 3 scenes, and 1 variant scene if the PC has Snoop.
  • Other changes:
  • Bug fixes. Also fixed Hardcore mode on Jamal/Katie Path so PC can sort of fight for her and regain love points (The PC will always fail on the hardcore path, gaining points is just an illusion of progress.)

Developer Notes:

One of the basic ways of influencing others is to increase their Love Points. The higher the points, the more likely the woman will be closer to the main character. As the game progresses, based on the main character’s choices, he will be able to befriend different characters, and to ask them to spend time with his love interests. In this way, their love interests can copy their lifestyle! If you like a woman who is elegant, or someone who is shamelessly dressed all the time, ask them to spend time with your love interests! They’ll rub off!

Game Images & Screenshots

: Wifeys_Dilemma_Revisited-0.44-pc.rar – 1.8 GB
Mac (v0.40): Wifeys_Dilemma_Revisited-0.40-mac.zip – 1.6 GB
Android (v0.40): Wifeys_Dilemma_Revisited_v0.40.apk – 1.7 GB


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