Witchcraft [v0.9.8p] [Red Silhouette]

You are a girl with magical powers. While studying at the Academy of magic you will become a certified mage.
The game is a mix of girl sim and RPG with adult events.

Thread Updated: 2023-05-13
Release Date: 2023-05-07
Developer: Red Silhouette – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.8p
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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In it I changed the way the music plays, now it will not cut off and start over again when you change location. I have added new sound effects. Working as a teacher’s assistant no longer reduces corruption. It is now easier to gain magical power. I recommend starting the game over by skipping the prologue. Continuing to complete the gallery, it’s still not ready yet, it turned out to be time consuming, and I really wanted to release an update before the new year. Also:
– Continued training with Master Wu.
– Continued at the sex shop. Angelica gets more and more dirty errands, but the rewards are big, too.
– At the dorm Angelica has a roommate named Yula. You can get caught in the bathtub by her boyfriend.
– An underwear photo shoot in a photo studio. I want to repeat this kind of shoot in real life.
– I added a New Year’s Eve event with Santa’s helpers. There’s a little Easter thing in it, it’s a rendering similar to my real photo.
Act 1 ends in this version. Angelica successfully completes the academy and becomes an A class witch.
Added 150+ CGs and new events.
+ 150 CGs
New events
Fixed old bugs
New cheats codes.
– walking with centaurs
– first weapon (now Angelica is not so defenseless)
– 2 events in the tavern
– hangout
– new house
v0.7 Trick or treat!
This version is full of creepy monsters. Goblins, giant worms, centaurs, and pigmen) I also improved all the images in photoshop (well, almost all of them) and compress them, so the game began to weigh half as much.
– Texts and graphics fixs
– Anna adventures in the real world
v0.4 – (Developer has changed version numbers so after 0.9.3 will be 0.4)
– Start a relationship with Gwen (after the first day at the tavern)
– Continuing adventures in the forest
Adventures in another world begin. Angelica starts working at the tavern. Walks in a magical forest. And gets to know the inhabitants of a fantasy world.
Angelica meets with Ella, a battle mage, director of the Academy Mr.White and elf girl Gwen from another world. While studying the teleportation spell Angelica is trapped in another world.
Initial Release

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